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Mooch’s Commercial for Children’s Defense Fund

I don’t have a lot of time, so you guys can watch Mooch’s commercial from last year. Make SURE you watch the very end, too. She’s all through it, but she finishes the commercial also.

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Capoeira Client

Another happy client!

Join Professor Jahsun every Monday night for Capoeira Class at the Urban Contemporary Dance Center at 7pm. The cost is only $15 and you’re guaranteed to sweat!
For more information, contact Jahsun directly @ 619.218.9521

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Farting in Marriage


There are two kinds of marriages: those with farting and those without. After trying the first, I happen to have opted for the latter. Call me kooky.

When my friends hear this, they’re probably going to say that they don’t understand how one of the most crass people on earth finds this disgusting. They’ll probably say it’s “really unhealthy” as if Hannibal (my husband) and I have each been clenching 24/7 since the moment we met. We’ve actually let many rip, but I’ve decided as of last night (when I planted one right on his thigh), that we should probably do that in the bathroom.

People act like not ripping f-bombs in front of each other all the live-long day is somehow less than honest. I couldn’t disagree more. It’s not like I’m not being myself. I’m just choosing to not be the grossest possible version of myself. Is that so wrong? I mean, is farting in front of each other or peeing with the door open (which I actually do) really a sign of love and affection? Pretty much the last thing I think after Hannibal blows up the bathroom is, “Mmm, sexy.”

I don’t want to be down there thinking about the last smell I remember wafting up my nostrils.

When it comes to bathroom habits and the like, I say familiarity breeds contempt. What do you say?

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South Central Los Angeles Regional Center

South Central Los Angeles Regional Center for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Inc. (SCLARC) is a private, non-profit, community based organization which contracts with the State Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to coordinate services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. SCLARC is one of 21 regional centers that serve communities throughout California. One of their goals is to ensure that individuals who are eligible to receive services (consumers) are assisted in reaching their potential for the highest quality of life in their community.

SCLARC contacted Supa Sista to design their 35th Anniversary logo earlier this year. I believe the anniversary is in 2010. Here are a couple of the options that I sent:

This is their final 35th Anniversary logo! I think it was a good choice.

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Belly Blog

I swear my belly might get this big.
My child does this. I just haven’t captured it on film. One night, I saw both of her butt cheeks.
Okay, this is just strange.
Mooch’s favorite. Lol

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