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Thematic Thursdays: Feel the Vibration

This gadget takes gum stimulation to a whole new level. Since when do depraved individuals have to disguise their sex toys as health products.

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Workin’ Wednesdays: No More Blogger FTP!

The biggest issue regarding my work is that Blogger is no longer going to offer FTP as of February! This means I have to stop neglecting my Tumblr account and merge it with my site the way I’ve done with Blogger thus far. This means more work with a serious deadline. I’m still working on the Harambee website. Sheesh!

Anyway, please bear with me as I convert things. Hopefully it’ll run smoothly. This week’s blogs won’t be affected, but I really need to handle this over the weekend.

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Tuesdays With Mooch: Rites of Passage

Mooch has a lot going on with all of these school visits, so her homeschooling last month was mostly journaling and math manipulatives. I didn’t want to stress her out.

She starts rites of passage this Friday with gardening! She’s very excited. We’ll take pics. She says she’s most excited about the sewing, cooking and “fighting” (martial arts). This year’s ROP will also include etiquette, spirituality, and history. She has really great friends and family, who are willing to chip in and spend time teaching her the stuff.

We both resume dancing this week. Next week’s blog will feature a video of Mooch discussing her style preferences. She’ll be doing a lot more video blogging in the coming weeks, because she wants Tuesdays with Mooch to become her own blog somewhere else. I’m fine with that. 🙂

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Marital Mondays: I Hate January and Leprechauns

I hate January. I know. I have a child and a husband who were born in January. It’s the start of the year — a chance to get drunk and falsely resolve to loose weight and change ridiculous behaviors. January is a time when most people are coming down off of their holiday high and enjoying new computers, cars, or leftover fruit cake. ugh.

It’s just that I haven’t had a good January in over 10 years. This January was no better. Each sleep deprived week was laced with school tours and interviews for my oldest daughter, because public schools are awful and she’s exceptional. My youngest daughter spit up and fussed her way through every food elimination diet that I tried (except for when I solely ate beans and rice, which couldn’t keep *me* full). I’ve decided that she has acid reflux, and I’ll discuss it with her pediatrician the next time we visit. In the meantime, I going to be as vegan as I want to be and eat whatever soy I damn well please.

Let’s not talk about my body which feels like a combination between flu aches and leprechauns punching me in my mid-section. If I could just get 8 hours of straight sleep. I’m not mad at Fuss. I knew this job was dangerous when I took it.

I *am* angry though. January was not a good marital month either. Many difficult truths surfaced. The last year has been great, but our prior foundation isn’t as stable as I thought it was. Let’s just say we’re working our way through things. I’ve discovered a lot about myself in the process. Meditation has uncovered that I have a martyr complex. I’m certain to seek the lesson in every hardship. I take responsibility for being willfully in denial to make it bearable. I must admit that this was one of the roughest months that I’ve ever faced. I’ve wanted to scream just about everyday. I think some people really get off on glorifying the perception that I’m the bad guy. As sexy as villain is, I’m good to a fault.

I’m certain that this won’t break us. We do have some kind of foundation, and when you’re wronged by someone, it certainly helps when they’re apologetic and willing to atone. That doesn’t mean that said apologies and atonement take away the pain, though. *sigh* Grief can have 2010, but I don’t know if I can take another consecutive year of grieving after this. This January has proven that the sort of uncertainty and instability that I’ve faced my entire life hasn’t stopped. The things most people write off with a simple, “That’s horrible, but that’ll never happen to me” have all actually happened to me. My house burned down in the sixth grade and I lost everything. In high school my mom got cancer, and I spent most days not knowing if I’d have a mother the next. I’ve been raped. I’ve stared death directly in the face countless times (most of them admittedly due to my own bad choices). I never know what the hell is gonna happen to me from one moment to the next. I think the lesson in that is to *really* enjoy the moments in between and obviously make better choices.

I’m sorry that this isn’t one of my normal, funny Marital Mondays blogs. Our life together is full of fun and laughter, but sometimes it just ain’t. It wouldn’t be an honest blog if I only told you about the happy moments. One of the best things about me is my capacity for love. Even though I’m a woman and I have serious mood swings, I feel resilient today. I’ll leave you with this lesson: Never put anyone else’s happiness ahead of your own sanity.

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