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Film Friday: Support the Arts

Bringing a thought provoking mix of stylish choreography and breathtaking dance, Lula Washington Dance Theatre inspires audiences all over the world.  Lula’s innovative fusion approach to exploring social and political topics through dance has always motivated me to put a message behind my own art.  Whether I’m scrapbooking, acting, choreographing, or entertaining my family with impromptu dinner concerts, I know that if I put a little Lula in it, the piece will be well received.

This year is the organization’s 30th anniversary.  It is the longest running dance company in Los Angeles, and they couldn’t have done it without your volunteerism, donations, and support.  With non-stop events this year in celebration of these great achievements, Lula Washington Dance Theatre needs your help now more than ever.  If you are able to volunteer your time or services, please contact the studio at 323-292-5852.  Donating is as easy as clicking here.  Upcoming shows are listed below.  In your annual giving, please don’t forget to support the arts.  Thank you.


June 2010 Recital
June 27, 2010 – 2 pm
El Camino College, Marsee Auditorium
16007 Crenshaw Blvd. Torrance, CA 90506

Hollywood Bowl
LWDT performs along side Femi Kuti
July 7, 2010 @ 8pm
2301 North Highland AvenueHollywood, CA 90068

For more info, visit

3773 S. Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016

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Thematic Thursday: Arizona Immigration Law

Last night Hannibal was asked to read five minutes of poetry on KPFK’s “Beautiful Struggle” show, with the topic being the Arizona immigration law and the challenges between Black and Latino peoples in the southwest. He hadn’t been on KPFK since Peter Harris’ “Inspiration House” show some years ago.

It ended up being three minutes at the very end of the show but the direct link is here

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Workin’ Wednesdays: On Tap

I was born with tap shoes on. Just kidding. Anyone who knows me, however, knows that tap is not only one of my main hustles, it’s one of my first loves. I tap under tables, in elevators and even while I’m cooking. Since Tuesday was National Tap Dance Day, I think it’s only apropos to post a video of two gentlemen, who were a major inspiration for me — The Nicholas Brothers. Here they are in “Stormy Weather.”

I had the pleasure of studying with Fayard Nicholas when I was 11 years old, and I never will forget his smile and charisma. He started me on the journey to actually using my arms when I tap. 🙂

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Tuesdays With Mooch: First Ballet

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Marital Mondays: My Husband Has a Straight One

I cook.  Hannibal usually sets the table and gets the drinks.  On the rare occasions where I get the drinks I always bend his straw.  Keep in mind that he’s the only one in the house that uses a straw.  Mooch and I like to feel the ice bump our lips when we drink, and Fuss likes it straight out of the boob. 🙂  Oh, speaking of ice, Hannibal doesn’t like that in his drinks either.

Anyway, every time I bend his straw, he reminds me that he likes them straight.  I always forget since I don’t set the table often. The conversation usually goes like this:

H: Honey, you forgot that I never like my straws bent.

M: I’m sorry, baby. Why don’t you buy the straight ones? You’re the only one who uses them.  We wouldn’t mind.

H: I like to have the option.

M: But you said you “never” like them bent.

H: Well … when company comes over, I’ll be able to tell mine from theirs.

M: … because you’ll bend yours then? You said never.

H: They’ll bend theirs and mine will be the straight one.

M: Then we can buy both.  Wait, what makes you think they’ll even want a straw? Why do you solely drink with straws?

H: They may not want a straw, but then I’ll have the only drink with a straw in it, so I’ll still be able to tell which one is mine.  A dentist once told me that drinking from straws is better for your teeth.

M: Okay, I’ll try to remember next time.

So, this has been going on for about the last year.  Last week I was making dinner and I had to set the table, because Hannibal would be home a little after 6pm (dinner time).  The whole time I was cooking, I was singing to myself, “My husband likes them straight. My husband likes them straight. Hi-ho-the-dairy-oh My husband likes them straight.”  I set the table, and sure enough I remembered not to bend his straw.

He came home, and we sat down to eat.  I felt defeated, because all through dinner, I thought he hadn’t noticed. He cleared the table, and Mooch went to run her bath.  I was standing in the kitchen helping put away the leftovers, and he came and gave me a big long tight hug.  Then he kissed me on the forehead and said, “Thank you for remembering not to bend my straw.”  My panties melted onto the floor.  I don’t think I’ll be forgetting to keep that brotha’s straw straight ever again.

The moral of the story is: Learn your spouse. Appreciate your spouse.

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