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Film Fridays: Jose James for the Music Fans

One of my new friends put me on, so now I’ma put ya’ll on.  His voice is so rich and that swagger …  I’ma shut up.  Just listen!  That’s jazz.

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Thematic Thursdays: I’m Pretty Sure Hannibal is a Terrorist …

and he hijacked my blog.

M: I just got my blog topic for tomorrow from someone’s comment on today’s blog.

H: Really, what is it , honey?

M: I’m gonna write about how I’m scared for Mooch to start school, because Fuss is going to be running around the house like a terrorist and there’ll be no one here to stop her.

H: I’m pretty sure that’s your job.

M: What?

H: Stopping her!

M: I thought you meant joining her.

H: No, there’s only one terrorist in this house and that’s me.

M: You’re not a terrorist! You bring me flowers like every week.

H: That’s part of my cover. Flowers at home. Explosives abroad.

M: You’re blowing up some broad?

H: (sigh) … laughter

And then my blog disappeared.

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Workin’ Wednesdays: Broke Down

These Ronald Reagan bags under my eyes aren’t going to work. I have to figure out a new way. I haven’t been sticking to my 11:30pm bedtime, and the work is just piling on. I’ve already added a hiatus for the show, so I can create new content.

Social networking takes the most time, but it’s so necessary. I think now that the biggest hurdle (Fuss sleeping through the night) is out of the way, It’s time to get back to taking my butt to bed. While I’m worried it’ll take a toll on my health, it’s just really hard to close my damn computer!

Sometimes those nighttime quiet hours are the hours when it’s easiest to work. With most clients expecting a same or next day turn-around, it’s often the only time to work. So what’s a burnt out work-at-home-mom to do? Any ideas?

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Tuesdays with Mooch: The Eye of the Tiger

Mooch is becoming more aggressive and focused because of her capoeira instruction.  It has only been a few weeks, but I can see the difference between her and the friends, who joined her rites of passage project.  It was hard to see the growth when there was no one else in class.

Mooch is excited to have peers participating in the program with her.  She has someone to share the pressure with, and gardening was so much fun last week!  The girls unearthed blue potatoes.  I had never heard of such, but apparently it’s a delicacy in France.  Who knew?

There is so much happening this summer, that it’s hard to decide what makes it in the blog.  Since I felt like editing video last night, you get a video.  Mooch likes videos.  Enjoy!

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Marital Mondays: Cantaloupe

I’m always complaining that the companies that use underage workers to chop fruit for lazy Americans are so cheap, because they fill the fruit bowls and cups with mostly chunks of cantaloupe and honeydew melons. Then lazy Americans only get like two strawberries, one grape and one piece of pineapple if they’re lucky. This whole idea sort of made me reluctantly eat cantaloupe for a while.

This past Thursday, one of my super granola hippie friends was talking about acidic foods and alkaline foods. She said, “All of the damn good fruits are acidic!” I thought about it for a moment, and then visions of my mother slicing a cantaloupe and then accurately sliding the blade of the knife between the meat of the fruit and the rind filled my mind.

My friend was going on and on about plums and grains, when I interjected. “Cantaloupe is alkaline, and it tastes great!” I offered, amazed at the fact that here I was defending the melon with the bland taste that I’d tolerated in restaurant fruit salads for years. My friend said that cantaloupe was awful and couldn’t compare to the fruits on the acidic list. “Most of my favorite fruits are alkalizing” I went on “strawberries, pineapples, cherries, avocados …  Cantaloupe is underrated.” I said. She was still stuck on plums for some reason.

All day Friday I couldn’t keep childhood cantaloupe memories from cascading through my cabeza. I thought about it while driving and when I glanced at the knives in the kitchen I could practically taste the peach colored melon. The reason store bought fruit cups had strange cantaloupe was because of the process they’d gone through — especially if neighboring pineapples fermented.  My mother’s cantaloupe was always fresh. It was also usually from the farmer’s market and she served it by itself — not with other fruits. Some things are better by themselves.  If they are coupled with other fruits, it’s important for them complement each other so the cantaloupe’s flavor isn’t overpowered by its bowl mates.

Later that Friday I tweeted, “I want some cantaloupe.” I guess word got back to Hannibal, because he came home with a big fat whole cantaloupe all alone in a grocery bag. I was so grateful. I delayed Mooch’s bedtime cutting it open and gutting the middle. I sliced it just as my mother once had. Then I separated the fruit on that slice from the rind and chopped it into little squares. With the first bite, memories of Saturday morning breakfast and apple jelly toast came rushing back. I had lucid visions of Tom & Jerry on the tube and my crazy little family gathered at our round table in the breakfast nook. I finished that half of the cantaloupe and then put Mooch to bed.

When I returned, I sat at my new family’s dining room table with Hannibal and scooped the other half straight out of the bowl shaped rind with a spoon. “I didn’t know how to pick it right” Hannibal said, as I shoved the melon into my face. “I just knocked on it, and hoped for the best.”

With juice dripping from my chin, I answered, “You did well, baby. You picked the right one.” I winked.  His thoughts and his efforts were in balance so much so that they overcompensated for his ignorance.  He didn’t have to know how to pick fruit.  His intentions were good.  Our relationship is so in balance these days that I can’t tell which one of us is acidic or alkaline.  Whatever the combination, our marital melon mix tastes so sweet!

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