Thematic Thursdays: Why is Wonder Woman Dressed Like My Cousin?

What the hell is wrong with DC Comics? How come Wonder Woman is wearing skinny jeans, and where are her stripper boots? I don’t approve of this one bit! The company has apparently hired Jim Lee to give the Amazonian superheroine a Clueless makeover. One argument is that the comic’s sales were low and there wasn’t anything to get new readers interested. News Flash: LESS cleavage does NOT make people MORE interested! How can fans commit if DC writers can’t commit to a damn storyline? They’ve wiped poor Diana’s memory more than I’ve altered the contents of my USB drive, and they change her clothes more often than Facebook updates its layout.

Apparently, women everywhere for decades have been asking “How does she fight in that thing without all her parts falling out?” Well, way to swing the pendulum in the complete opposite direction, J. Michael Straczynski. Jim Lee may as well have put dear Diana in a burka. One of the quotes from Straczynski states that “It’s a look designed to be taken seriously as a warrior.” Seriously? Wonder Woman had more muscles bulging than a midget on steroids eating clams. There was no doubt that she was a warrior. Now she looks like an average girl in her early twenties, who just left a clearance sale at Urban Outfitters. Diana needs to remain at her extraordinary power level. De-powering characters permanently, especially female ones, is a weak writing crutch.

The feminist in me wants to applaud the decision to put pants on the superheroine, but that same feminist spirit wonders how come it’s not possible to be sexy and kick a villain’s ass at the same time — the way Marston intended. There’s also a fanboy trapped in me hollering, “Show me them legs, mama!” but I digress.

All jokes aside, this is a global icon we’re talking about here! Her costume and backstory shouldn’t be changed anymore than Ronald McDonald’s should. Unless this means that the metal lunchbox that I clutched every morning on the way to elementary school in the ghetto is suddenly worth a million dollars, I’m out!


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