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Tuesdays With Mooch: Toilet Roll Hunt

I was going to blog about something completely different today, but when I discovered this, it had to be posted.

I was preparing dinner last night and noticed that since we had come home, Mooch had disappeared for a while. This was not unusual, because she normally takes a bathroom break as soon as we hit the door each afternoon. It just seemed to be taking her a longer time, so I went to check on her.

She wasn’t in the bathroom. She was decorating a toilet paper roll with pipe cleaners. “What are you making, honey?” I asked.

“I’m just decorating the roll.” She replied, as though this were normal. “I do it every time.”

“Wait, you’ve done this to all of your toilet paper rolls?” I asked. “Where are the others?” She pointed across the room to one and pulled another from under her bed.

“I can’t throw them away, because that’s bad for the planet.” She remarked, adding tape to a giant paper towel roll. I smiled. I went back in the kitchen, because I was on the phone with two of my friends. Though I couldn’t help but think that I probably didn’t explain recycling well enough, I was ecstatic at the idea that my child was trying to save the planet one toilet paper roll at a time.

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Marital Mondays: Why Aquarians Just Shouldn’t Play Board Games

After completing the Herculean task of scraping stuffing, cranberry sauce and soy cheese off of everyone’s plates and then putting the kids to sleep on ThanksTAKING, the adults decided to sit down for a relaxing game of Scrabble. In addition to sci-fi banter, jokes about penis and exchanging uncomfortable glances, we drank sparkling juice and slammed down those lettered tiles like Dominoes.

Hannibal always has to keep the Scrabble dictionary glued to his hand by way of his Nokia N900 (cell phone). He growls and snarls and scares all of our company away with his threats to “challenge that” and “look that up.” Unfortunately, Hannibal’s Scrabble rules and “acceptable words” are as outdated as the as a man wearing polka dot pants and watching Turner Classic movies on Beta. I try to ease the tension in the air with conversations about Obama’s nose hairs and such. Sometimes it works and sometimes I just make it worse.

Anyway after all that guarding and blocking and yelling at my friend about why google (the verb — not the proper noun) should never be entered into the Scrabble dictionary, and telling me that QI (“chi”) wouldn’t be in there because it’s Chinese (it *is* in there, by the way — see screen shot below) and XI wouldn’t be in there because it’s a Roman Numeral (it is), we found several vowel tiles in Hannibal’s lap at the end of the game. Cheating, Hannibal? Really? It’s just not that serious — unless there’s money on the game.

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Film Fridays: Mooch & Zen Produced Their Own News Show

We took Mooch and her friend Zen to the Science Center this Wednesday and much hilarity ensued. The two precocious youngsters produced their own news show … sort of.

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Thematic Thursdays: Thanks A Lot

I’m very proud of myself. I made a b├ęchamel sauce with no dairy products at all using Earth Balance, flour and Silk Soy Milk. It is now coating al dente macaroni in a casserole dish with soy cheese layered throughout.

I’m not as down as I was last year on Thanksgiving. Every year gets better. Today some friends will be over and later we may stop by Hannibal’s people’s house. He took the baby to the laundromat, so I could have a break from her.

I’m grateful for family, friends and lots of yams. Ase!

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Tuesdays With Mooch: Wii Bento’d You That

Mooch had a play date with her BFF this weekend. They did everything from making dioramas to playing Just Dance on the Wii. I had to include this clip of the girls playing. It made me smile.


Here is some of Mooch’s enviro-art:

We’ve been exploring using trash to make art at home.

Also, here are the bentos that I’ve been forgetting to post for the past one million weeks:

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