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Kwanzaa – Day 1 – Video

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I Know I Said Friday Was My Last Post, But …

With warm lentil soup, bread, great vibes, good people and a gang of children, our Kwanzaa celebration is off to a wonderful start. I know I said Friday was my last blog of the year, but today was the first gathering, and it was crunk! The children played, the adults caught up, we poured libations, lit the first candle, spoke about unity and then danced the night away. The best part is that we were done in time to get a good night of rest.

Tomorrow, we’re doing safety/earthquake planning and preparedness. The next day will be arts and crafts followed by two days of shows at Lula’s, Fuss’ birthday and a festive karamu on Saturday. I’ll be tired, but the smiles on the children’s faces make it all worth it. I’ll post the video tomorrow.

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Film Fridays: Last Blog of the Year!

Well, my friends. This is the last blog of the year. Next week I’ll be celebrating Kwanzaa with my family and friends — despite its foundation. We have crafts and cookie baking, Gumbo and laughter planned. Also, Fuss will turn one on New Year’s Eve, so hopefully my living room will have a couple of little babies romping around in it this coming Friday.

I finally found a good Kwanzaa song! I thought this would be appropriate as a last video of the year:

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Thematic Thursdays: Eye Surgery

Mooch is having surgery tomorrow to correct her strabismus (lazy eye) in hopes that it will improve her depth perception. She is currently afraid when balls are thrown at her, afraid to jump off of things (sometimes as low as jumping off of the curb), and she wants to be able to do all of these things like her friends.

There is an 85% chance that her brain may tell the eyes to go inward after the surgery, and in that case, she’ll need another surgery to adjust them. Most times the eyes and brain do fine. We did patching for a while, but the eye muscles never got stronger in the weaker eye.

She will still wear glasses for her near-sightedness, but she’ll hopefully have more control over double vision. We are hoping for the best possible outcome.

Mojuba Obatala Mojuba Ogun

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Workin’ Wednesdays: Update

The IABD conference gig is picking up quite a bit — while UCLA and Lula’s are on break.  We’ve nailed down volunteer needs and registration seems to be going smoothly.  Surprisingly, most of the registrants are out-of-towners with large youth groups so far.  I’ll be doing a hotel walk through in a couple of weeks and training the volunteers around the same time.

Also, new next year — I’ll be teaching tap at UCLA.  I’m excited about that, because it is my most comfortable genre of dance.  I can teach it in my sleep.

Homework has become a little less challenging now that I’ve redesigned the office into a Montessori bedroom for Fuss.  She works on activities or naps while I crank out holiday cards and logos for darling clients.  Hannibal is on paternity leave, so that’s even more helpful.

There’ll be no shortage of stress around here though.  The holidays are here and kwanzaa is largely at my place.  Also, Fuss’ birthday is in the middle of Kwanzaa (New Year’s Eve to be exact), so we’ll be have a party for her with 5-7 babies in our living room.

Mooch’s birthday is right behind with a trip to the ice skating rink and Hannibal’s birthday is after that, but the plans are classified. 😉

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