I Know I Said Friday Was My Last Post, But …

With warm lentil soup, bread, great vibes, good people and a gang of children, our Kwanzaa celebration is off to a wonderful start. I know I said Friday was my last blog of the year, but today was the first gathering, and it was crunk! The children played, the adults caught up, we poured libations, lit the first candle, spoke about unity and then danced the night away. The best part is that we were done in time to get a good night of rest.

Tomorrow, we’re doing safety/earthquake planning and preparedness. The next day will be arts and crafts followed by two days of shows at Lula’s, Fuss’ birthday and a festive karamu on Saturday. I’ll be tired, but the smiles on the children’s faces make it all worth it. I’ll post the video tomorrow.

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