Thematic Thursdays: Don’t be a Retrosexual!

This is not about decorating your wee-wee with flowers and peace signs or jacking off to Jimi Hendrix. It’s about how often you decide to go online and flirt with your ex after “kicking them to the curb.” Whether in a new relationship with a mole covered hag or drop-dead gorgeous brainiac, it’s hard for people to ignore the power of having an ex a few clicks away. Don’t let Facebook ruin your new joint, here are some tips for putting out that digital “old flame.”

Don’t be a Retrosexual!

1. Remove his/her special ring tone from your phone. As a matter of fact take their picture off of your wallpaper, and delete their number too!

Sidenote: Gmail has a feature, where you can auto-delete emails from specific senders. Go ahead and set that filter, and you never have to see an exes email again!

2. If you can’t muster up the courage to delete them, put them in an “Old Business” Facebook list that can’t see your status updates and hide their status updates in your feed.

Sidenote: Stop looking to add that broad from three exes ago. You left her for a reason. Remember?

3. Don’t go on MySpace. No one does that anymore anyway. There’s nothing but skeletons and forgotten STDs there. Stay away.

4. If you have his passwords … Why do you have his passwords??? You’re a stalker. Get help. I can’t save you.

5. Don’t look at pictures of the two of you together, because that will only make it worse. Fortunately, the “Photo Memories” feature on Facebook won’t show pics of people you’ve listed as “in a relationship.”

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