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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Double Dutch Poop

A couple of weeks ago (yeah, that’s how far behind we are on the Mooch queue), Mooch competed in a double dutch competition near Leimert Park. It was the culmination of an eight week program, where she was taught the basics plus a few tricks. I had to teach across town during the competition, but I did see the stamina section, where kids were timed while jumping double dutch style. Mooch jumped for about two and a half minutes straight. That’s not bad considering it was the last event at the end of the competition.

I was very impressed with the healthy food choices available and there were anti-drug messages all over the place. My only issue was that they played Frankie Smith’s “Double Dutch Bus” on repeat for the ENTIRE event. Anyway, here are the pics. Mooch won a first place medal, but I’m not sure what event it was for, because I missed it and she’s asleep. *shrug*


I’m planning to potty train Fuss again this summer once Mooch is out of school. That way we’ll be home all day for a change (hopefully). She regressed during the time I was ill last month and hasn’t really gotten back into it. I realized yesterday that I hate her Baby Bjorn potty. I was trying to be all sleek and hip when I should have just gotten her one of the little plastic ones with the lid that pretends to flush and sings a congratulatory song after the kid poops.

The problem is that even the “girl” version of the Baby Bjorn has the male piss guard in the front, so it’s difficult for her to sit down without banging her privates on it. She really tries. The other day, she even tried to swing her leg over it like she was getting on a horse and almost busted her head falling. It just doesn’t foster autonomy if I have to help her pull her training pants down AND help her get on the pot. So, I’m searching for a new potty, and I will use my new Ebay addiction to get rid of this one. I’m open to suggestions.

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Marital Mondays: The Photo Shoot

We did a photo shoot recently, so I thought I’d share some of those pics. Also, it’s a holiday so I’m not writing much.

All photography courtesy of Qui 2 Your Heart Photography

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Thematic Thursdays: A Visit From the In Laws

My in-laws were visiting last week, and it was … interesting. I’ve always had a great time with Hannibal’s mom and there was no change there, but this time she brought his brother. Though I’ve Skyped with him several times (before the Microsoft takeover, of course), this was the first time he’d ever been in my physical presence. I had no idea how far shy could go.

I have cousins with Asperger’s Syndrome, family members with Schizophrenia and a developmentally disabled sister, but none of them have the trouble interacting with people that this cat has. If it didn’t involve being in front of a screen, he was not interested. He brought a Sony PSP with him, and I’m pretty sure I’m more acquainted with the top of his head than anything.

Fortunately, I’m determined. I pulled out every goofy stop I had before taking them to Hollywood and Highland to look at the stars and people dressed up like stars. He smiled the most that day and had no problems speaking to me. It just required a LOT of energy on my part. It also seemed like he enjoyed his time in LA better when he was with me as opposed to Hannibal, which is interesting because I’m new here. Also, I’m pretty crazy and I share too much information all the time and I make a lot of strange faces. I’m fairly sure he had fun that day though, because he posted this on Facebook.

Also, I made hot girls hug on him, and then I took this pic.

And this one.

He also met an actor from “That’s So Raven”

Even if he only had one fun day, we really tried. My favorite parts of their visit were small glimpses of Hannibal’s mom staring at Fuss while she slept or admiring her while she ate. It’s the little things, you know? Their last night here, we all sang karaoke in our living room (with full equipment, of course). Well, we sang, but Hannibal’s brother didn’t. Yes, I know karaoke involves a screen, so theoretically he should have participated, but he’s six feet tall and far larger than I. I wasn’t forcing him to do his rendition of “Little Red Corvette” by Prince.

Mooch did a killer “Beat It” by Michael Jackson, though. She rocked this hardwood floor! Also, Hannibal’s mom can sang!! Yes, I said “sang” not “sing.” She sounds really really really good. She performed “Hollywood” by Chaka Kahn, which was fitting giving our location. Their visit was fine overall. They discovered they love El Pollo Loco, which they don’t have in Milwaukee, and Hannibal’s mom’s frequent smiles made up for any other shortcomings.

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Tuesdays with Mooch & Fuss: Economics & Manners


If you sneeze, Fuss will say, “Bless you.” If you hand her something, she responds by saying, “Thank you.” It’s “More please” when she’s ready for the next bite and “You’re welcome” when she’s been generous. My little one has manners! Fuss is truly taking in the world around her and she’s not leaving out the social aspects.

Here she is trying to escape and follow her sister on a play date:

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Marital Mondays: Our Complicated Marriage

Hannibal wanted to name our baby Tennessee and I wanted to name her … something that didn’t remind me of country gravy and cornbread. When we were planning our commitment ceremony, I wanted six people standing on each side and he wanted one. It’s almost never easy for us to reach a consensus, work together, or even agree on what toothpaste to buy. Why are we even married then, right? Duh, because we can just buy separate toothpastes.

We’re also committed to the process. We can sit for an hour hashing out the same issue or we can go back and forth over email until it’s a twenty-seven messages long thread. Even though we have very contrasting design styles, writing styles, etc., we value each other’s opinions and we’re able to sit, listen, and debate in a respectful manner.

It is with great pleasure and pride, after honing this tedious process for the past five years, that I report that Hannibal and I are finally working together successfully on something (I can’t believe I’ve only known him for five years). We are in a partnership with Jeff Katz (Wolverine producer, Geekweek Online owner) on the site The website is put together by and for black geeks. It makes me tingle, because no one else is doing this. We’re creating a space for black geeks to discuss comics, music, movies, poetry, fashion, pop-culture, cosplay, technology — name it — we’re covering it.

I love the content, the design, and working on the show It’s Komplicated every Sunday for the past four weeks has been both hilarious and informative. It gives me an opportunity to embrace something besides my design work and my children. While we’ve had our technical difficulties (Time Warner Booooooooo), the show is growing into a nicely shaped piece of work. I’ve never done anything live before either, so that’s a hoot. It’s very hard to watch my language, though. Very. I try to pretend there are kids in the room, and I think the worst thing I’ve said on the show is “Hell!”

We had 1,275 views in the first two hours this past Sunday. The jump from 147 views during the first show to over a thousand by the fourth show speaks to our success. I’m happy to be partnering in work with my partner in life.

Oh, P.S. I cut all my hair off.

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