Thematic Thursdays: Blood Lace Fronts?

Is covering up your balding edges worth a few people’s lives? A group of Facebook users say, “No.” The “Rally Against Lacefronts” has garnered nearly 10,000 supporters who say, “Lets all take a stand to stop this plague that is causing so much grief on the streets of our black communities around the world!!!!”

To quote Haki Madhubuti, “Every action of an oppressed people is political” — even your unkempt edges. Your desire to “whip your hair back and forth” like Tyra and Beyonce could be causing more damage than your yaki-covered brain is aware of.  In certain areas of the country (I’m not naming any names, but they like to get hyphy there), stylists have been pepper sprayed and jacked for a bucket of hair. Right here in Los Angeles, Bliss Hair was robbed at gun point just a few months ago.

This doesn’t mean you have to lose all versatility and cast weaves to the wind. Just stop buying that “Blood Yaki” out of stolen Novas and get your tracks from a reputable source — preferably a black one.

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