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Marital Mondays: Fall Hiatus

I’m going on hiatus until after my birthday (October 15th).  There are a lot of design projects in the queue and blogging must take the back burner.  I will still be writing for and posting on both Tumblr accounts.

The first post back will hit on Monday, October 17th with Marital Mondays.  See you then!

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Thematic Thursdays: Brianna McCarthy

Presented without comment.

Moremi- acrylic painting by Trinidadian painter Brianna McCarthy

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Workin’ Wednesdays: Motherhood

I’ve been researching middle schools all week. Thus, parenting is on the front burner in terms of work. I’ve been faced with a difficult decision and I’m gathering as much data as possible before the buzzer goes off. More on this later.

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Taio Cruz & Perseveration

Fuss is talking our heads off, and she perseverates at an Olympic rate.  It’s driving me batty!!!  I need some time off.

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Marital Mondays: Tough Week

This week was particularly difficult with school starting, comic reviews Wednesday night, Hannibal traveling to Pleasanton for a day meeting Thursday, and his disk jockeying a concert for En Vogue and Salt N’ Pepa Friday night. I had to fix dinner, do the bath and bedtime rituals for the girls, clean the kitchen and pack lunches with a missing team player. I think I can count my hours of sleep for the entire week on one hand.

It took me back to my single parent days, but back then I only had one kid. So, shout out to the single mothers out there with more than one child. I ain’t mad at you if you have a pile of laundry on the living room floor all week. I understand.

Our weekend was equally busy, with several parties to attend. I’m glad we’ll sort of (with the exception of a couple of new developments) be back on our regular schedule this week.

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