Thematic Thursdays: Miss Me With the 9/11 Nonsense

I glanced at the date the other night to help Hannibal understand when Ramadan ends, and I couldn’t help but notice that 9/11 will be here shortly. I can already hear the bitching and moaning of our narcissistic nation, and feel the energy shift as it alternates between the megalomania of a Bel Air teenager and the gloomy pity party of a thousand lost souls.

It has been ten years since the launch of Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq by way of scapegoating the tragedy of Sept. 11th for his posse’s outstanding gain, and there still hasn’t been a real investigation regarding what the feds knew and how said data would have saved many lives. Such information will only be reserved for conspiracy theorists and Pacifica radio listeners, because overtly digging to deeply would ruin the ‘woe is me’ festivities. Besides, only people who believe in aliens and the Illuminati would challenge the repeated tale of 19 misfits, controlled by a bearded man in a far away cave, hijacking planes with butter knives, right?

The mind-blowing array of questions regarding the planes, the fires, the extra explosions, the cell phone calls and, hell, the dazzling failure of the American air-defense system just makes you go “hmmmmm.” Why did some buildings, namely 7WTC, collapse without being hit by anything at all? Seems like controlled demolition, no?

Maybe my babbling isn’t enough for you. Perhaps you’re the type who needs to see the proof laid right in front of you like a building blown to smithereens. To quote Lavar Burton, “You don’t have to take my word for it.” For you, I bring in Exhibit A, “9/11 Loose Change,” a documentary that will lay it all out for you. You may also check out “a non-partisan association of faculty, students, and scholars, in fields as diverse as history, science, military affairs, psychology, and philosophy, dedicated to exposing falsehoods and to revealing truths behind 9/11.”

You could always choose the blue pill, roll your eyes, and look the other way, because it seems in poor taste to believe that the sheer horror that was Sept. 11th trickles down through the FBI, the White House, The Project for the New American Century, and all of the twisted, mangled souls of the tea party …

… that is if numbness, emotional stasis and death are what you seek. At least try to learn. Knowledge is power. Remember that the red pill goes down hard, though. It’s deep and messy, but it’s necessary. We are in a permanent state of warfare. Swallow.

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