Marital Mondays: He Says, She Says. What Say You?

He Says: “The kids should only listen to positive things and watch positive images, because their brains aren’t developed enough to parse out the difference and deal with the desensitizing effect of said images and lyrics.”

She says: “The kids need to hear and see a combination of positive and negative. This creates a balanced, whole person. Sometimes negative images are necessary as instruction tools (i.e. history, science, etc.). If children never see those things and have them explained to them, then they’ll never be able to parse out the difference. Watching a lion eat hyenas is part of nature. It happens. Listening to KPFK has taught the kids so much about the world around them. Knowing the lyrics to popular songs has helped them bond with kids they don’t even know. Sheltering kids is socially damaging.”

What say you?

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