Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Title Goes Here :)

We were busy bees today. Mooch had no time to shoot Tuesdays With Mooch (TWM), as we were preparing for the first day of school tomorrow. You know, hair, 1st day picnic, farmer’s market. Even Fuss was a little neglected today, strewing puzzle pieces and Cheerios here and there. Fortunately, she’s well into her homeschooling pattern and was able to go and get her activities with little direction. She still working on scooping, pouring, buttoning, and the sounds “mah” and “ah.” You may know them as the letters “m” and “a.” We’re doing sandpaper letter tracing and finding things that start with those letters.

Speaking of sounds and language, Mooch has been learning Spanish via Skype from a friend of ours, who is bartering with me for design work. She’s having a lot of fun. Those lessons are in the evenings while I’m preparing dinner. It is very cute to listen to her discuss her day in Spanish. She’s struggling with that double “r,” though. 🙂

We should be back in the swing of things by next week. Feel free to watch her old videos here, and check out more about Fuss here.

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