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Marital Mondays: The Candle




When he enters, just beyond the smiling children, the flame is flickering.

Most of the time when Hannibal comes home, I’m in hustle mode — sneaking in an episode of “Madmen” or buffing my elbows, while Mooch entertains Fuss, or scrounging to put together some jelly and tuna for these leeches to eat.  Okay, they’re not leeches.  That was mean.  Also, we don’t eat jelly and tuna for dinner.  That’s just weird.  In addition, my elbows haven’t been buffed in several years, and they may look like the worn wheels of a seventies Big Wheel.  What I’m really doing is lesson planning, baby wrangling, designing, blogging, and running myself into the hardwood floors.

Wax gathering at its feet, the candle sags on one side.

Some days, he has no idea what I’ve been through.  Our youngest daughter was sent by the FBI to drive us insane so we won’t take over the planet.  Mooch, on the other hand, can’t remember anything to save her life, despite notes, calendars, clocks, and charts posted around the house to remind her.  My clients expect more for less, and this chauffeuring kids thing is for the birds.  If I have to pull over to potty, listen to hollering due to a dropped crayon, or pull lent out of vaginas for too much longer, I may officially lose it.

Its corners turning in on itself, it is melting in the center.

Anyway, a while back we established a way for each of us to know we’ve had a bad day without talking about it and conjuring up the energy of the day.  We light a specific candle in a specific place.  If Hannibal comes home and sees the candle lit, he knows to go easy on me — maybe slow dance a cappella, handle the kids for the rest of the night, or offer me a massage.  Let’s just say that candle was lit a lot last week, and he lit it a couple of times himself this weekend.

There is nothing left but wick.

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Marital Mondays: Should I Get My Tubes Tied?

A lot has happened since I last posted here, but I bet I can catch you up in one paragraph. I spent a couple of nights at Occupy LA, and I plan to spend more — like most of this coming weekend. One of the nights, I even took Mooch with me. That scared the shit out of Hannibal, but he didn’t show it at the time. I also completed an ass-load of design projects and got virtually no sleep in the last three weeks other than last night when I went to bed at 8:45pm. Yeah.

Now for the Current Stuff

This past weekend was also my birthday weekend. Mooch slept over at the houses of two angels from her school, and Fuss spent Saturday night with a close friend. Hannibal and I went to a wonderful hotel with a spa tub in the room. I love those! We ordered room service and stayed in the room the entire time. It was awesome. Best birthday ever.

Sunday, before picking up the kids, we stopped at the Westside Pavilion and bought me a pair of much-needed brown flat boots for fall/winter. I love them. Here’s a pic:

Also, in big marital news, I’m debating getting my tubes tied. I know I’m only 31, but my friend did it, and she said it’s awesome! I don’t want to use my body in the way of pregnancy, labor/delivery, and breastfeeding ever again, so why not? I’ll tell you why not. I hate surgery! Even the non-invasive kind makes me quiver. I can take pain just fine, but I don’t cope well when they screw up! I had a c-section, where they cut my bladder by accident. I still have bladder issues because of that. Bah! Tell me what you think I should do. Feel free to share your stories — especially if they’re similar to mine.

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