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Thematic Thursdays: Photo Winter Update

Where the hell have I been? Here it is all categorized and photographed for you. 🙂


We’ve been dating, cuddling, loving, working, and hanging out with people like this awesome guy with whom Hannibal used to play MUD (similar to Dungeons and Dragons). I took this picture with my arm extended, because there’s no one to take a picture of us when we’re out on the town.


Brunches. Lots of brunches. Also, a few trips to the mall, in-home hangouts, Skype sessions, phone calls, and general awesomeness.


Rearranging crap. I got rid of an old TV — actually, it’s still sitting on the living room floor if you want to come and pick it up, you can have it for free.

Reorganizing things for Fuss’ new school year. I still haven’t made the calendar area for circle time. I seriously have to do that before January 3rd. Seriously.

Making the girls Kwanzaa gifts — Waldorf dolls, portable dollhouses, clothespin dolls, and quiet books:


The logo for Renaissance Mujer:

The Booking Packet for Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Company (email me to request the full packet):

Schooling Fuss

I put out some pretty cool activities in the last couple of weeks. Among Fuss’ favorite is the washing the baby activity.

She also loves the winter sensory tub (Snow!!!).

More Fuss?

Crafting with Mooch

She sewed a doll out of her socks for a handmade gift exchange at school. In return she received a cool handmade pillow. I sewed on one of the eyes to teach her to sew a button. Other than that, she made this sucker on her own after watching me make my first Waldorf doll (the test doll).

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: A Handmade Holiday

It started in November. I got bitten by the Waldorf doll bug. I’m not a fan of the curriculum or anthroposophy, but the dolls are SO FREAKIN’ CUTE. I decided that each of my daughters had to have one, and that they had to be handmade by me. There was one problem with this. I CAN’T SEW, and I DON’T have a sewing machine (well I didn’t before Hannibal got me one for Kwanzaa). I made the dolls by hand after making a test doll for myself.

I couldn’t stop there. I took the handmade theme and ran with it. I made each girl a quiet book. For Fuss’ quiet book, I cut everything out of felt by hand without drawing it first, because I didn’t want any lines on it. I just eyeballed it. Then my wonderful brother sewed the book together with his sewing machine. I also made one for Mooch, which took under two hours, because I hot glued everything. She is older, and she won’t be as rough on hers. If you have a younger child, I recommend the sewing.

Next, I hand painted clothespin dolls dressed them in cute little designer fabric remnants. The finale fete was designing and hand painting portable doll houses for each girl. This was sooo much fun, but Mooch’s was kind of difficult. I think I still have paint in my crotch from trying to do it in secret in the bed. I used Mod Podge to put some fabric on the floor of the bedroom, and Fuss’ box has a swimming pool and grass on top courtesy of a glue gun and Mod Podge.

Then to add to the natural elements in all of the items (wool, soy paint, 100% cotton, etc.) I bought tree blocks, which I wanted to chop, sand and make myself, but I couldn’t find a fallen tree branch large enough here in sunny California. The girls love the possibilities with the tree blocks. I would highly recommend them. Hannibal built a few platforms out of them to showcase the dolls for the first morning of Kwanzaa. We also built a fort to put everything under. It was very fun working together to build and rebuild until it didn’t collapse. 🙂

There were some store bought items also, which I placed on our two tables. Mooch’s things were on the dinner table, and Fuss’ items were on her small table. For Mooch, I thought it was important to get her some books regarding socializing and organizing. The American Girl Book Store was perfect for that. I got each girl one Wii game, because Fuss is always jealous and left out when we play Wii. Now she has a Cookie Monster game with a Cookie Monster remote cover that she can play with. Fuss got a few puzzles and some Dot paints, which I’ve been eyeballing for a while, but they’re so expensive (like $13, I think). I also found a wooden Connect 4 game set, and that is Mooch’s favorite game. Out with the plastic!!!

I got Hannibal everything he asked for — slippers, a 1 terabyte portable external hard drive and headphones. I also added in two items themed from one of his favorite TV shows — Glee. He got Glee Karaoke for the Wii, and Mooch rocked “Bad Romance!” I also got him Glee Uno, which has special Sue Sylvester rules added. We haven’t played yet, but it should be a lot of fun.

I got a new green grown woman trench coat, slippers, some Victoria’s Secret items, and a new Singer sewing machine that actually matches my desk items. Now I need someone to show me how to use it. Any takers?  I also embellished our “Peace Corner” or “Serenity Garden,” as Hannibal likes to call it, with a Bhudda Board and a gong.

I made some delicious Gumbo the first day, and my friend is having a chili Karamu on the last day, where everyone brings a topping. I want to find some Vegan sour cream. Ooh, one more thing! Guess what I’m pregnant! Just kidding, but guess what, I found VEGAN NUTELLA!!! It is delicious. It’s in the pics below in the gallery.


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Things We Love

I know it has been a while.  I’ve been diligently making presents for my little ones.  I will have an update for you all after the new year, but I wanted to share the holiday greeting that I designed and sent to all of our loved ones.  I definitely love my readers as well. 🙂

Designed by Suuru

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