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Tuesdays With Mooch: Just Witchin’ Around

Mooch is really thriving each morning with the command center. We’re still working on the evenings, because she talks a lot and she eats slowly. Her lunch often isn’t made until the morning, which isn’t the plan. Hey, at least she’s showering.

Her classes at William Grant Still Center begin this week, so we’re excited about that. She’ll be doing keyboard, voice, Shakespeare in the City, and art. It’s only a nine week program, but if she likes any of them enough, we’ll continue them at a paid program, I guess. This is just a free sampling.

She’s also finding new hobbies during her punishment — like face painting.  I walked out to this last Sunday:

Fuss’ classroom closet just got an overhaul. It looks great! My hallway doesn’t, though. :-/ I’m throwing/giving a lot of things that are developmentally inappropriate away since I’m not spawning anymore young ones. I further organized all of the supplies and left tons of room for new stuff, so it doesn’t get too jam packed.

The pouring activity finally returned to the shelves this week, so she was thrilled about that. She was so excited that she accidentally spilled lentils all over the place. She cleaned them up. I moved the alphabetized small objects out of the closet and into the classroom and told her that now that she knows all of her letters, she can pull a couple of sandpaper letters down and carry the corresponding drawers to her mat. She likes having that access.

Also on our shelves: the number five with manipulative, a geometric puzzle, the pink tower, cutting with scissors (she won’t let that one go :)), one-to-one correspondence, and a couple of animal puzzles. Oh, I changed our calendar area a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a picture of that. I may return to the felt, though, because it was easier for *her* to put the dates up all by herself.

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Marital Mondays: Medieval (Photos)

Hannibal carried the globe around a candle in our living room thirty-nine times symbolizing this last trip around the sun. He got super dizzy, so we’ve vowed that people over fifteen in this house would not have this as part of their birthday tradition. He says that I *have* to do it this year at thirty-one, because I cackled at him the whole time and made him finish.

We had wonderful cupcakes from JAM Vegan Bakery. They are the best on the planet! Trust me. Mooch bought Hannibal a Transformer with her own little money. I got him clothes, because his clothes are … I got him clothes. If you missed the birthday weekend blog, we went Chicago Stepping.

The final celebration of Hannibal’s birthday was a trip to Medieval Times the weekend after his birthday. It was exciting and the food was good, but all I could think about animal cruelty and slow fight choreography. I don’t really have time to go into details, so check the photos below.

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Film Fridays: Old Choreography I Did For Jillian Michaels


Hilarious! Plus I got all my friends hired. Lol

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Thematic Thursdays: Pinterest Was the New Facebook, and Now Facebook is the New Facebook

Also, I shouldn’t make up titles when I’m sleepy.

Just when Facebook got super boring, it got interesting again! I’m in like 10 private groups now. That is totally the way to go. That main newsfeed? Screw that noise. Who wants to read that garbage? I’m in a group about black parenting, one about body image, one about marriage, one about crafting, one about education methods, one about scuba diving (don’t ask), and one about politics. I’ve been on Facebook more than Pinterest this week. It’s crazy! I know, right? That is all.

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Workin’ Wednesdays: Nothing Fancy Here Today Folks

This has been a week of paperwork, paper cuts, and douche-baggery.

I had to fill out a mountain of paperwork and sell my spleen, because Mooch is SAG and that means a million puppies would die if I didn’t get her into the union by today. That last bit of hyperbole should be interpreted as such: The Toyota commercial was the final straw. SAG said she better join … or else.

Then yesterday all of our tax info finally came, so I had to organize everything in preparation to file. This has to be rushed to meet Mooch’s financial aid requirements. I am ragged from paper work.

I’m also building one client’s site from the ground up and designing other random items in the interim. I’m tired, but our bills are paid, the hard work is paying off, and Mooch is in the union! Yay!

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