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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Random Thoughts

This is super random, but it’s exactly what’s going on in my head right now.

1. I have to make a multiplication rap song and record it tonight, because Mooch’s school uses a math program that is insufficient. She says all of her rich friends have tutors and that’s where they actually learn, while their parents pay for the crunchy granola education they want them to receive during the daytime. *blank stare* If it weren’t for their writing program, she’d be home-schooled next year.

2. Fuss still whines at an Olympic rate, so I need to revisit techniques for getting rid of that. She’s really thriving academically, but if she could cry less, I’d have fewer gray hairs.

3. Fuss needs new pants, again. Why is she so tall?

4. I need to figure out a new hairstyle for Fuss, so she doesn’t lose her edges.

5. I have to help Mooch with piano today, but I never really learned to play piano with both hands. Uh … bass clef, anyone?

6. I’m tired of driving.

7. I think everyone in the house is ill right now except for me.

8. Mooch is excelling in her extra-curricular activities and it’s making her self-esteem rise. I can see it.

9. Good boys do fine always.

10. I need a nap.

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Marital Mondays: Reside in Me

I try not to visit there often
Panties crumpled on daybed post
Like hope hung out to dry
Vodka stained memories of
Empty Prozac bottles beneath my pillow
Shut up in my room
Rubbing off the pain
The best way I knew how
Me and Run DMC
That was home

… but I still never knew which way to walk
Father’s curses cupped in the
Palm of my hand like lemon-lime Koolaid powder
But with a dash of sugar
Delivered each morning on my
Pre-pubescent forehead
A rote expression of love
Funny papers
Loud laughter all around
Mama yelling at football
About Jackson running for president
Watching ice skating
Jazzy organ music

I was always hungry after swimming
My hair and skin dried out from each
Lap in the sea of my naiveté
All of me really
Plump pork chops pacified me like
Reading other people’s tragedies
Layers of frustration poured on like
Thick hearty gravy
Begging each night for one more moment
Nestled in mama’s Eucerin-scented arms
Soaking in the frustrations of her 12-hour day
Listening to KPFK
Somehow it all felt so normal
Like home

That home has burned
Scorched stories and secrets ’bout
How they almost didn’t make it
We almost didn’t make it
That’s all I have
Memories melting in my frontal lobe
Scalding my tomorrow
So I rebuild with you
One whimsical moment at a time
A new home

Walls designed by your love
Replete with a window into my soul
Loud laughter all around
Spontaneous shots of sugar
Nights in your arms
Relieving you of stress from 18-hour days
After an 18-hour day of my own

A beautiful home
In us
And around us
That goes wherever we go

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Thematic Thursdays: Top 4 Things I’m Tired of …

… on the internet.

These are the top four things I’m tired of seeing/reading about on the internet (in no particular order, because I’m too sleepy to get that together). I don’t even spend that much time on the actual internet anymore — one to three hours per day max. Some stuff is really getting worn out at an Olympic rate. Here we go.

1. Downton Abbey – People in my feeds talk about this show so damn much that it’s actually playing in the corner of my screen on Netflix right now. I don’t even know how this is happening. The Brits have possessed my “computah.” (Truthfully, I just want to see what all the fuss is about, since I was years late catching up on MadMen.)

2. Pictures and stories from other people’s vacations – This one is largely due to jealousy, so pay me no mind. My last vacation was in 2008, so yeah …

3. Adele – The music is great. She’s beautiful. I’m just tired of hearing about it. Go play your ipod or enjoy your Adele DVD.

4. Real Housewives and Basketball Wives – Really? Is this still happening? You’re punching me in the face.

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Mooch is Home!

Mooch is home!!! This week is President’s Week at her school, so she’s off. Yesterday the girls played soccer together outside and practiced hula hooping. Well, Fuss mostly threw her hoop across the yard while Mooch did some pretty impressive tricks.

I’ve kept Fuss’ schedule this week the same, so that I don’t have to do a major attitude overhaul next week when Mooch returns to school. During work time, Mooch brushes up on areas she wants to improve — cursive, geography, and math. We all do snack and lunch together, and Mooch has two hours of free time during Fuss’ nap while I work.

We may do a couple of field trips this week — the California Science Center and the skating rink. Mooch is much more confident on her skates now and she wants to roll out. I haven’t had her help me with dinner at all this week, which is odd. That’s one of the perks of having her here all day. Maybe tonight.

Yesterday, we started building a marble run, but it’s definitely not finished. We also realized that we don’t have any marbles. Ha! Here are pictures from that:

As always, you can read more about Fuss’ learning by clicking this link.

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Marital Mondays: No Shoes

So, we’re still not finished with our Black Love Day project. We did, however, go out this weekend to see a film at the Pan-African Film Festival.  Meh.  The date was followed by a hilarious conversation with our good friends. We didn’t get home until 2am. I should not ever stay up that late again, which is evidenced by the conversation below.

M: I want to put a decal in our new house that says, “There are choices in life. Take your shoes off, or mop the floor.”

H: That sounds good, but I think I want it shortened to read, “Take your shoes off.”

M: Why? That takes the fun out?

H: … because people don’t really read.

M:  That’s not true. Why would you say that?

H:  School systems in america suck

M:  I just wanna take America and shake it.  Let’s not invite non-readers over.

H:  Yeah.

M: I wanna take America by the balls and shake it.

H: No, it might enjoy it.

M: I don’t think I’d enjoy America’s balls, Hannibal.

H: I said *it* might enjoy it.

M: Ugh. Well, balls well that ends well.

H: … and this is our conversation driving off a cliff into tangent world …

M: Or, we could just have sex.

Fun Fact: Sex at 2:30am, when you’ve been up since 6:30am the previous morning, is also not a good idea. I’m pretty sure I need a new spleen.

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