Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Random Thoughts

This is super random, but it’s exactly what’s going on in my head right now.

1. I have to make a multiplication rap song and record it tonight, because Mooch’s school uses a math program that is insufficient. She says all of her rich friends have tutors and that’s where they actually learn, while their parents pay for the crunchy granola education they want them to receive during the daytime. *blank stare* If it weren’t for their writing program, she’d be home-schooled next year.

2. Fuss still whines at an Olympic rate, so I need to revisit techniques for getting rid of that. She’s really thriving academically, but if she could cry less, I’d have fewer gray hairs.

3. Fuss needs new pants, again. Why is she so tall?

4. I need to figure out a new hairstyle for Fuss, so she doesn’t lose her edges.

5. I have to help Mooch with piano today, but I never really learned to play piano with both hands. Uh … bass clef, anyone?

6. I’m tired of driving.

7. I think everyone in the house is ill right now except for me.

8. Mooch is excelling in her extra-curricular activities and it’s making her self-esteem rise. I can see it.

9. Good boys do fine always.

10. I need a nap.

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