Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Sand Trays and Gingas

Okay, so this video is from like a couple of weeks ago. Mooch and her buddies had a little roda at Olvera street. Side note: One of the vendors there, Mama’s Hot Tamales, had the best black bean tamales ever! No lard, no foolishness — just beans! I ate two of them. Anyway, here is the video (You’ll see her performing a stick fight, called makulele):

Fuss is doing pre-writing exercises now. She writes in a sand tray with her fingers, but she’s also tracing slanted lines and circles on paper. This is the part of her toddler-hood where she tries desperately to do what her sister does. Meanwhile, her sister is trying to master typing.

Oh, I totally forgot to write what Mooch is doing this summer! She’s taking swimming, Spanish, and musical theatre. It should be fun. The little one may either revisit gymnastics or do the summer program at a local art center. We’ll see.

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