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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Slides, Planning, and Swim Camp

Mooch is swimming and doing musical theatre in a summer program on the westside, where she’ll be performing in Peter Pan (hopefully as Hook, because that’s who she wants to play). She began this week, and Fuss misses her already. The little one wants to swim, too. I’m looking for a toddler swimming class, where I don’t have to get in the water with her every time. If you know of one, please let me know.

Oh, I found the pictures of Mooch’s classroom’s cardboard arcade. Here are those:

Fuss playing Wack-a-Mole, while Mooch controls from inside.

Mooch running the game.

Another one of my favorites. I one a prize for making all my baskets.

This one had some functionality concerns, but it was still fun.

Also, we bought Fuss a slide for the backyard. She loves it! Here’s that:


I finished all of my summer programming — including the three small get-togethers we plan on having, play dates for Mooch, our Hurricane Harbor trip, and field trips for the girls. It feels good to have it all on the schedule, but I still need to notify each person who is invited to each thing, which makes my brain hurt just thinking about it.

As always, for more on Fuss, please click here: Teaching Fuss

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Marital Mondays: Finding Myself

M: I’m not myself.
H: Holy crap! Who are you?
M: Stop it. I mean all I do is work.
H: Welcome to America.
M: I’m moving to Canada.
H: There’s no such thing as Canada.
M: Yes. There. Is.
H: I don’t do cold. See you when you return.
M: Hannibal, I’m serious.
H: I’m listening, love.
M: When was the last time you saw me using glitter or cutting fabric?
H: Ummm … you made the earrings you have on, right?
M: Yes, a month ago, and when is the last time I’ve been to the gym?
H: 3 years.
M: Yes. Dance class?
H: No clue.
M: See! Who am I?
H: Baby, you’re just tired. You’re a mother of two, and you work like a crazy person. Then on the weekends we over program.
M: I know.
H: You could go to the gym during the week, but you pass out after the kids go to bed or you work ’til 2am.
M: What can I cut, though?
H: Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything you can cut. You have time in the evenings. I can stay and sit with the girls, but you’re just too tired.
M: *sigh*
H: Remember when Mooch was 2 1/2 and our nights were often interrupted by potty breaks or trouble sleeping?
M: No.
H: Some article I read did say that mothers forget that kind of stuff for their sanity. Anyway, back then, you told me, “Hannibal, this is just one stage of childhood. She won’t be this age forever, and soon we’ll be sleeping in on Sunday mornings again.” Well, now I’m saying the same thing to you. Fuss won’t be this age forever. We just have to ride it out. You started back teaching soon after Mooch was born, but you didn’t start dancing again until she was three.
M: Really?
H: Yes, you started taking Jeffrey’s African dance class in December ’06. She was almost 3, and we had this very same conversation about losing yourself in motherhood.
M: Wow. What a memory you have!  I’m glad you didn’t do any recreational drugs in college.  You’re like my diary.
H: No, your blog is like your diary. Maybe you should write all this down for your blog, so you can subtract blogging from your long list of things to do.
M: What would I do without you?
H: Move to Canada, apparently.

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Father’s Day

Mooch woke up bright and early to make apple cinnamon waffles for Hannibal. She filled up his Medieval Times mug with lemonade and even sliced Tofurkey links and grilled them. Both girls presented the cards they’d made, and then we did a fashion show of the three shirts we bought him. Mooch bought him a pair of new shoes, and Fuss picked out one of the shirts. We also got him a huge hamper to contain all of his dirty man clothes.

After lounging all morning, and allowing Fuss her nap time, we headed over to Giggles N’ Hugs in Century City to eat. The kids played up a storm, and the girls got to take a free picture with Hannibal. I decorated the frame, so I was in crafting heaven.

My veggie burger was amazing! Hannibal had salmon, fries, and a heap of broccoli. Fuss ate PB&J on wheat and another dollop of peanut butter with fresh sliced apples. Mooch had what I had (minus the avocados, which she only eats by themselves). We had a grand time.

The icing on the cake was Hannibal’s new car! Pics coming soon.

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Marital Mondays: Snooty Fox

Hannibal’s top cuisine of choice is “soul food.” I put it in quotes, because he doesn’t like macaroni and cheese, collard greens, rice and gravy, or cabbage. He just likes the meat. Fried meat. Anyway, I took him to Harold & Belles for Father’s Day (without the kids). We went Saturday night.

Before the food came I held out my fists and each one had an activity in it. I told him to choose one. He picked the right hand (not as in “correct,” but as in “not the left”). I waited in anticipation while he unfolded the small piece of white card stock. A cheshire cat grin crawled across his face as he uttered, “Strip Club!” I chuckled, and started to put the other activity away. “I’m dying to know what the other one says.” He begged.

I let him open it, and he said, “Awwww damn!” I had never seen a man so disappointed to have chosen strip club. I knew he would be, though. The other piece of card stock said, “Motel.” It was an invitation to have loud, teenage sex with yours truly at a sleazy motel for two hours. I was dressed the part, too — corset and all. I asked him which one he wanted to do, though it was pretty clear.

After some debate over which motel, we both agreed that since we had each been to several motels around Los Angeles, but never the Snooty Fox, because of all the tales about it, that we would go there. We figured that would be the only way to make the night epic! We headed to Target on La Cienega to buy sheets to put on top of the gross motel comforter, and we had a legendary two hours that could be viewed from all angles. There were mirrors everywhere, and we used his iPad for a soundtrack. I highly recommend it. We didn’t even see any pimps or crack whores like I’ve seen at the Mustang. Ha!

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: The Arcade — Not


I’m super upset, because my phone deleted all of the pictures I took of the student-built arcade in Mooch’s classroom. Fortunately, her school videotaped it, and I’ll have video next week, which is even better — I guess.

Mooch and two friends built the Wackamole game. It was very well constructed. Mooch was the person who climbed in and pushed the “moles” up through the holes for you to whack. I must say it was just like the regular game — if not more challenging. My other favorites were the basketball game (created by three boys) and the Skee Ball game, where you roll the ball and try to get it into the 1000 hole. Of course, I mostly only made it into the 10 slot.  A couple of games needed more testing, because they were down for repairs after a few runs.

Oh, random: Mooch bought herself a tablet with her acting money. She got the 32GB Motorola Xoom, which has expandable storage, Ice Cream Sandwich, 1 GB DRAM.  She’s already downloaded all of her favorite apps.  It came in handy on set.


Fuss had an interesting week last week.  Her drop-in daycare closed for the last two days of the week but Mooch was still shooting!  I had to hustle to Sittercity to find someone, who could watch her all day Thursday, because Hannibal had to work.  He ended up telecommuting, since we’d be hiring a stranger.  We found a lovely lady, named Miia (Pronounced Mia, from the Ukraine.  Fuss took to her immediately and started showing her the classroom.  Hannibal only had to come out during nap, because Fuss wouldn’t stay in her bed.  Miia even offered to do light housekeeping while Fuss napped, so she did TWO LOADS OF LAUNDRY! Win!

In homeschool this week, I introduced the Grammar Farm to Fuss.  She loves it!  She speaks to the animals, tells stories, and places them on their cards.  Her favorite thing in the set is by far the fence, which she folds and manipulates into all sorts of things.  It is great to watch her make connections in her life.  Each time she plays with the pig, for example, she talks about her trip to Gentle Barn (which preceded this unit).  She mentions all the pigs and turkeys she saw.  My printer was out of ink, so I wrote some labels by hand.

For more on homeschooling Fuss, click here.


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