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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Famous Two-Strand Twists

Here is Mooch’s most recent commercial, Grandma! This was for Famous Footwear.  She shoots Mercedes on the 8th.

Someone else is sporting a new hairstyle! She actually sat for an hour and a half and let me wash, detangle, part and twist. She likes to keep the front two pinned out of her face, though.  That’s not all!  Little mama let me do cornrows last week.  I only have a mid-process photo of that.



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Marital Mondays: Aaron Hall Causes a Disturbance in the Force

Hannibal and I were lying in the bed last Thursday, and in the middle of our conversation about something completely unrelated, I busted out singing, “You can have a piece of my love. It’s waiting’ for you.” I threw in a classic, “What you know about that song, Hannibal? You don’t know who that is.” He was like, “Ummm, yes, I do. That’s Aaron Hall” to which I responded with open laughter.

“Aaron Hall that sang, ‘I Miss Youuuuuu?’ I belted out. Heck no, that’s not him. It’s Guy. The song is called, ‘Piece of My Love.’ I’ma remember this the next time you try to quiz me on my music, Mr. D.J.” During my rant, I failed to notice Hannibal cracking up laughing silently, because the baby was sleeping. “What are you laughing at?” I asked.

“Aaron Hall was the LEAD singer in Guy, woman!” He retorted, as my face fell.

“What? You mean the dude that sang, ‘I miss youuuuuu?'” I sang, certain that he was incorrect. “We have to have a Google challenge on this one.”

“Done!” he answered, grabbing his phone. Whenever he says it like that, I know I’m wrong. I started reminiscing about how I was only about eight years old and didn’t have cable at the time. He was fifteen at the time, and likely had the album and everything. All I had was KDay and World on Wheels, the local skating rink.

He handed me the phone, and I was shocked. “So, this is the same man who sang, ‘I miss youuuuuuuu?'” I sang.

He covered his face with the pillow. “Yes, please stop singing that one part.”

“It’s just … I thought he was a one hit wonder, who only sang that song, I miss youuuuu.”

“You can’t blame your age on this one, Myshell. You can’t. If I call anyone of your bridesmaids, they will know this.” He said.

“Keisha and JaNai will, but Key-Kee and Felicia may have to think about it.” I said, hoping someone was lost during the eighties like I was.

“Myshell?” he asked, giving me the ‘C’mon, dawg’ look.

I continued, “Seriously, though, the same Aaron Hall that sang, ‘I miss youuuuu’?”

“Oh-Em-Gee. If you sing that one more time!” He whispered loudly.

“Well, did he also sing, ‘Gangsta Lean?’ I asked, really trying to learn. Hannibal was dead at this point. He closed his eyes and folded his arms across his chest in mockery. “I’m serious, Hannibal. Help me.” He remained silent like he was under arrest.

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Baba Time

I was ill recently, so the girls spent a lot of time with Hannibal. They had Baba Beach days, park lunches, trampoline time, and Shakespeare. Here are some pics and videos from his time with the girls.

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Marital Mondays: Summer Dates

I’m planning a series of summer date nights now that I’m feeling better. I used to go horseback riding at night in Riverside, and I want to do it with Hannibal. It’s fun and creepy, and awesome. Hannibal wants to play laser tag again like we did for our engagement weekend, so we’ll likely do that one day during the daytime.

We have to wait until the very end of summer if we want to do a staycation, but we probably won’t. It’ll be easier to wait until Fuss is three, so we can worry less about mistreatment and neglect. We’re enjoying the two of them this summer also. Hannibal took them on a Baba Beach day, which turned into a park day, because Fuss runs the show.

We’re going out to Plei on August 3rd with a host of friends, and we gather with other couples often. It just seems like every time we go out, we’re engulfed in other people, so we’re refocusing the time we spend outside of the house. Our indoor dates, on the other hand, are very productive and steamy and all that good stuff.

My business has ramped up during the summer for some reason, so I NEED my “play hard” time. Who better to spend it with than my H.

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Party Rock

Mooch and I went to the cutest party this weekend. The girls made their own pizzas, fabric flowers, bracelets, and the best lip balm ever! Here are a couple of pics:

While we were there, Fuss went on a playmate with Baba and a friend to Fry’s Electronics (I know, right? Not for babies). Then they came home to jump on the trampoline. Here’s that:

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