Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Camps

Mooch will be playing a Pirate in her summer camp’s production of Peter Pan. All we’ve heard around the house is, “Aaaarrrrgh!” She’s ecstatic. She also asked me to mention (yes, she’s at the age where she’s making requests for blog entries) that she is now fetching toys from the bottom of the deep end in her swimming class. One more week of that and she switches to Spanish for three weeks. Musical Theatre, however, runs the full six weeks.

Speaking of camp, Fuss has been dancing, painting, and playing the recorder in her new half-day camp. She cried the first day for about two minutes after I left, but the acting instructor was so awesome that she incorporated Fuss’ crying and deep breaths into the lesson. She started the class off with fire breaths and transitioned Fuss’ tears into leadership. The day I taught, she kept trying to come in my room, which resulted in tears upon expulsion my space. She returned to her own class and got settled playing her recorder.

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