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Marital Mondays: Blah

Our whole family is sick. It starts in the throat and consumes your life until you’re crying for your mama. Seriously, I literally cried for my mother last night. I took so much zinc, goldenseal, and echinacea that my lymph nodes are working overtime. I feel like I have the mumps.

Hannibal is wandering aimlessly trying to get things accomplished, and the kids have been incredible. I’m grateful that they aren’t whiny at all, because that would make me psychotic right now. Each of us is being supportive in our own way. Fuss encourages everyone with her words, “Feel better, Baba.” Mooch waits on us all hand and foot. Baba strokes us on the head randomly and makes runs to the store, and I cook hearty meals and smile beatifically.

We will get through this. Together.

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Feet in the World

Fuss had her esetaye this past Saturday. Her odu is Owonrin Irete, which is interesting, because Mooch’s odu is Owonrin Irosun. We opted to only have our immediate family present in case the reading stated that the baby’s spirit didn’t want a huge crowd here. We learned a lot about Fuss’ destiny and things that will happen during her life. Here are some pics from the ceremony:

Feet planted in the world

Hold my hand, sister.

Mojuba Oworin Irete

Here is her hairstyle for this week:

Large Cornrows in Front - Twists in Back


Here is Mooch with another sleepover friend:

Combing hair



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Marital Mondays: Pregnancy, Rape, and Politics

M: Did you read about that Republican Senate nominee who said —
H: Wait! Don’t say it. I’ve been purposely not reading that story all day, so I could refrain from becoming angry.
M: It’s all over the web!
H: I’m trying to have a family day with my two daughters and my wife, all of whom have vaginas, and I’m not ready to process that foolishness right now.

Fast forward to night time.

M: So did you read the story?
H: What story?
M: The “legitimate rape” story.
H: Oh right. I guess we can have this conversation now. What happened?
M: Apparently, this douche trumpet in Missouri believes that when women are being “legitimately raped” (whatever that means), we can summons magical elves from our fallopian tubes to protect the egg from the rapists sperm.
H: What?
M: He thinks we can’t get pregnant if it’s really rape.
H: So if you get pregnant then, what? Your rape is disqualified.
M: Yup. Also, that guy won Missouri’s GOP Senate primary.
H: That’s why I vote nihilism.
M: What happened was he got trapped in a question about abortion in the case of rape, so that was his answer.
H: That shit ‘cray!’ You know my stance on abortion. I don’t have lady parts, so I don’t have a say. Women should have the right to choose. Period.
M: He also said it rarely happens. That’s funny, because I know at least five people including my sister, who it has happened to, and I don’t even have to think hard to come up with three more.
H: Exactly.
M: So, nihilism you say? Go on …

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Preschool, Pirates, and Poppins

A lot has transpired for Mooch and Fuss in the past couple of weeks, so I thought a photo blog would be appropriate. Fuss did her very first show ever! She did a little singing, a little ballet, and played the recorder and ukelele. I’m pretty sure I have video. Some day it’ll make its way online. Mooch shot a Mercedes commercial just after completing a Peter Pan theater performance.

Yesterday was Fuss first day of Kindergarten! Just kidding. That’s what level the school placed her in academically, though. She’ll be doing academics from 9am-12noon each day. Then I will bring her home after lunch for nap, art, and homeschool activities.

I have pictures of everything I just wrote, and here they are!

Dancing and cheesing

Judging from that six-year-old's feet, I may not be doing this correctly.

"Are we there yet?"

Mooch rocked the house.


My mommy labeled EVERYTHING. I'm pretty sure it says "Ella" on my butt, too.

Apparently this lunch belongs to me.

Foooooood! My mom packed my favorite - mac and Daiya with broccoli.

Bye, mommy.

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Marital Mondays: The King and Queen of America

M: Do you have to go up to every single neighbor and introduce yourself, honey? This is Los Angeles, not Memphis.

H: It’s polite. It’s important for the neighbors to know us in case we need something or they see our house being broken into.

M: Yes, maybe the ones next door and across the street, but you’ve gone clear up the block walking door to door with our toddler. It’s weird.

H: And now they all know us, respect us, and think we’re awesome. Where’s your sense of community, Myshell? C’mon!

M: You know what, you’re right. I’m on board! We can start jogging together!

H: YES! My doctor totally said I need to start exercising!

M: Then I can design greeting cards and pass them out all the way from here to La Brea — maybe even cross over to Windsor Hills!

H: Wait, what?

M: Ooh! And we can attach See’s Candies to each one! Oh, they’ll love us! Then we can run for mayor! The first couple to ever run for office together (Wait, has that happened before?). Anyway, I can see it now. They’ll stop us in Simply Wholesome and say, “Hey, you’re that couple that sent those beautiful cards introducing yourselves to the neighborhood.” It’ll be awesome.

H: Honey —

M: No, See’s is too expensive. We’ll do Snickers. Not the big Snickers — the bite-sized ones!

H: Dear?

M: Yes, stay with me! My plan just shifted to EVIL!

H: (suddenly interested) … go on …

M: We’ll only deliver ONE bite-sized Snickers to each family!

H: Chaos will ensue all over View Park!!!

M: YES!!

H: I love you, baby!

M: I love you, too. Wanna make out!

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