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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: “I Bear a Charmed Life”


Ready to travel!!!

Mooch is in serious preparation for her part in Macbeth with the Los Angeles Drama Club this fall. She is not only studying her lines, but has taken it upon herself to research the play at her school library and watch two versions of Macbeth on Netflix. That kid never ceases to amaze me.

Immediately following her appearance in the play, we will take off on this Enrichment Voyage together. A few months ago, I tried to win the trip, but I wasn’t selected. We are forging ahead with the plan to visit the Bahamas, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Mexico. It promises to be a wonderful learning experience for both of us, and her principal is completely on board.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can help us by participating in our fundraiser for trip. It’ll be in lieu of a birthday party for myself and will take place on October 27, 2012. Here is a video with more info:

If you can’t participate, but would like to donate, here is that link:


Fuss is becoming quite the little helper around the kitchen. As noted in my homeschooling blog, Fuss behaves best when she’s engaged in learning something. Yesterday, she washed collard greens at the sink and placed them neatly on a plate for me to chop. She is also learning about low, medium, and high on the burner dial. She put the greens on low after they reached their “boiling point” and allowed them to “simmer.” She learned quite a bit of vocabulary during our dinner preparation yesterday. Unfortunately, I had to offer her one dollar per bite to actually eat the greens at dinner time. She prefers her leaves raw.

Here is the hairstyle she’s rocking this week. I can’t believe she sat through this. She’s growing up.  I think it’s because she really wanted the beads.

Cheesin' as usual

Before the fuzz



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Marital Mondays: Booty Cholera

H: Stop telling Mooch that we’re moving to Costa Rica

M: Why?

H: The child does not want to give up her acting career.

M: We can send in tapes.

H: I do not want to give up her paying for her own college and or restaurant.

M: She has enough to do that already!

H: I don’t want to move somewhere where they don’t speak English and DON’T have an extradition policy with the United States.

M: I’ve been reading ex-pat blogs. We’ll be fine.

H: I don’t care about any of that.

M: Well, we’re just going to go see it first.

H: Well take a video and livestream it back to me. I’m not catching booty Cholera trying to go on an expedition.

M: Wow.

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Back in the Swing of Things

She really enjoyed this project, and stuck with it until she got it. She's so happy to be here. I love that spirit.

Homeschool resumed yesterday for Fuss! To recap, she now goes to a morning program from 9am until noon. She comes home and we do story time plus nap, and then we go pick up her sister. When we get home, she does calendar time/circle time, and then we do activities/mat time.

Eyes, teeth, liver, blood, kidneys, and my favorite the pink intestines up top! This should spark lots of conversation, discovery, and vocabulary building.

This week our overarching theme is the human body. I made a sensory tub (inspired by this one at Counting Coconuts), and she chose to lace bead yesterday. This is a new activity on the shelves, so she had to learn how to get the lace through the beads. After about four beads she was on a roll. I learned that she is tenacious. She also did the hundred board, and then it was time for dinner.

To follow our homeschooling journey, visit Teaching Fuss.

Mooch received wonderful news yesterday. She’ll be performing alongside Keith David in a Shakespearean scene this November. Mooch also resumes acting classes in a couple of weeks, and she’s due for new headshots. She is preparing for a MacBeth performance this December in her Shakespeare class, which began yesterday.

The new school year is going well for Mooch. She has a great group of kids in her class as well as two wonderful teachers. We receive the curriculum roadmap this Thursday, but I’m already loving the science, math, and identity work she has brought home. Good stuff.

First day of school in the car. Rushing. We missed the bubbles this year. :(

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Marital Mondays: Tabu TV

We’ve added a new television show to our queue. I should note that Hannibal has a much longer list of shows that he watches in the corner of his screen while working, but the list we watch together is very short, and this list I watch alone doesn’t exist. I really don’t watch much TV. I prefer to watch in chunks, so that’s what we do when we watch together.

Here goes (and most of them don’t run at the same time):

Breaking Bad – Chemist with cancer goes rogue
Newsroom – News anchor goes rogue
Scandal – Former White House Press Aide goes rogue
Community – A bunch of rogue community college students

I’m sensing a theme here. Hmmmm. Anyway, that’s all the television we watch together, so the other night I wanted to watch Revolution, because it has Giancarlo Esposito. Who doesn’t love Giancarlo Esposito? The first episode was great, so I’m looking forward to this being the only show I watch as it airs. It’s set fifteen years after all of the electricity (power) in the world goes out. I love those kinds of stories, because they teach me how to plan and prepare.

Oh, I forgot that on occasion we watch Raising Hope. We also watch Alphas, but we both considered ditching it after that last episode. The writers are really struggling. I’m also looking for time in my schedule to watch Leverage, which Hannibal already watches and loves.

Random Alert: Hannibal and I are both in a wedding in about a month. It is interesting to watch him in administrative mode. He’s planning haircuts for four or five men along with a night of debauchery (I can’t say much, because the bride might read this). We’re walking side-by-side, completing the exact same tasks exclusively. I’m admiring his organization skills.

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