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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Old Costumes

Here are some pics of the girls Halloween costumes over the years. We’re in heavy prep mode around here, and there isn’t much time for blogging. I have a parade at one girl’s school Wednesday morning, and then I have to schlep to the other’s by 1:30pm. Things will be interesting, but they will definitely be fun.

Our costume method has always been they pick what they want to be, and then I design it.

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Marital Mondays: Don’t Call it a Comeback!

All the fun stuff is coming up — like Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and National Men Make Dinner Day (we’ll probably be having spaghetti on November first). The problem is that it’s followed by all the rip your eyes from the socket stuff like taxes, reapplying for financial aid, and National Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day.

One might ask why that last one would be on the list with paperwork and paper cuts. Well, I live with Hannibal. If he could literally get away with wearing a cape everyday, he would — possibly while carrying a sword. The fact that there’s a day when random geeks, from steampunk fans to Whovians, will be dressed in threads from the past or future trying to convince everyday schmucks that they are time travelers (without saying they’re time travelers) worries me.

Hannibal wouldn’t be so much into the dressing up as he would be the research required to convince someone of such a thing. If you’ve ever read his book, you know that the historical fiction elements are extremely on point. Sometimes I question whether he was there or not. Wasn’t he?

Now me? I’d rather pretend I’m from a dystopian future. I’ve read enough books on the subject to pull that off and scare half the people I know.  If they aren’t frightened at least they’ll be asking who did my makeup. 😉

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Falling Into Awesome

Mooch and I decided on our final five excursions for the enrichment voyage in December. Here are our narrowed down choices:

1. Colombia: Volunteering with the Granitos de Paz Foundation

2. Panama: Emberá Indian Village

3. Equador: Ecuadorian High Tea & Local Dance Performance

4. Costa Rica: Vista Los Sueños Canopy Tour

5. Cabo San Lucas: Horseback Riding

Mooch raised the money for all of them through her GoFundMe account and lemonade stands. She’s super excited about zip lining. She hopes to help with gardening or tutoring kids when we visit the Granitos de Paz Foundation. A couple of weeks ago, she helped plant a veggie garden in a friend’s front lawn. She had a lot of fun! I signed up for our backyard to be next. We’re excited about lightweight subsistence farming, and I’m happy there organizations like, L.A. Green Grounds, that will help us do it properly.

Fuss is cutting and stamping up a storm. I think I have a future scrapbooker on my hands. Here she is cutting paper at her sister’s audition:

The girls and I decorated small door knob wreaths for fall, and Fuss enjoyed plastering leaves all around the classroom to celebrate the season. It’s one of my favorite times of year (not just because I was born in it). In homeschool, we discussed what “overcast” means. It came up while we were digging in our fall sensory tub. We talked about the leaves changing. Next week we’ll learn a song about it, which Mooch learned at her school. For more about homeschooling Fuss, visit: Teaching Fuss.

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Marital Mondays: More Than a Filter

I need to use Fuss’ nap time for work today instead of blogging, but I thought I’d include this cool photo of me and Hannibal at our friend’s wedding last weekend.

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Weddings, Birthdays, and Laundry

I’ve been promising to capture a picture of Fuss doing her laundry without being asked. Yesterday I was cooking my birthday feast, and she came dragging her hamper in. Since I was preparing a new dish, I had my camera near by, so I snapped a couple of photos without distracting her. She’s been so amazing and helpful these last few weeks. She and the other flower girl, Kaia, did a fantastic job in the wedding this weekend. For more on homeschooling Fuss, please visit, Teaching Fuss.

Mooch shot a few pick up shots and recorded some voiceover for Candyland, which should be out in December. She wasn’t in the wedding, but I included a picture of what she wore. I wasn’t able to walk down the aisle with a giant Canon camera, so you’ll have to wait on the professional pictures for shots at the actual venue. This one is in my living room.

Mooch has been working on the science behind building at school. She and a partner are designing a castle from the future, and I can’t wait to see it. They’re also preparing for a 1920’s performance, where she’ll get to perform “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” She met with a coach last night for her November 11th celebrity gala, where she’ll perform a scene from Macbeth with Keith David.

It was also my birthday on Monday, October 15th, so you’ll see a couple of pictures from our tiny family celebration.

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