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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Big Update

Warning: This is gonna be one of those loaded with photos and information kinda blog posts. Ya’ll know how I get in the fall/winter.

Fuss got one of her natal teeth pulled last week (she was born with two teeth), and she did well! We totally forgot to do the tooth fairy two nights in a row, though. Shame on us. Mooch and I tricked her the following morning. I called her into my room, and Mooch snuck the dollar under her pillow. Then I asked her, “Did you check and see if the tooth fairy came?” She was ecstatic — mostly about the money — not the fairy.

Anyway, I pulled her out of the half time (9am-12pm) pre-k program she was in for these two weeks before I leave. I wanted to spend quality time, and really homeschool her before I leave next week. She’ll go full time while Hannibal is at work, and that’s very new for her. We’re having a lot of fun. Here are a couple of pics, but there are loads more at my other blog: Homeschooling Fuss.

I’m redoing my transportation unit with her (from a year ago). She was very excited to see the new activities on the shelves, and she did six activities in a row during work time yesterday. That is unlike her. She normally makes it through about three. I videotaped circle time, so she can watch it while I’m gone, because we aren’t allowed to Skype on the ship. It sucks up too much bandwidth and the ship may sink or get lost or something.


Mooch had a slumber party with her sisters from her rights of passage group. They had a lot of fun, because this is the first time they’ve all been together this year. I had planned for things to happen organically, but Mooch, unbeknownst to me, drafted up a schedule. Here is a copy of it:

The girls were hell bent on sticking to it, too. They built a fort, played with American Girl Dolls, and executed the whole plan. Apparently, there were some lewd conversations and other interesting things that happened after lights out, but I can neither confirm nor deny these reports. Here they are playing with their dolls:

This is a pic of the girls’ beds before the sleepover:

Here they are building their fort:

We finished assembling and pre-decorating our travel journals. I also finished and printed (Yay! My ink came!) both the guide for us to take and the one I’m leaving with Hannibal. Here are pics of those:

Lastly, I made Kwanzaa decorations to take with us on the ship, so Mooch can feel like she’s doing something. Here are those:

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Marital Mondays: Babymoon

Having Hannibal home for seven days in a row has been a huge help. I’ve gotten so much accomplished in small moments when he occupies Fuss and long swaths of time when he just takes her away.

I finished both the guide I’m taking on my trip and the one I’m leaving for Hannibal. My travel journal is designed, assembled, and decorated (I still want to embellish the cover more). I made small Kwanzaa decorations for Mooch and I to take with us on the Enrichment Voyage (they have to be magnets, because the ship walls are metal, and no tape is allowed). The house is decorated, so Fuss feels the seasonal shift at home. I devised a curriculum for December and changed the shelves, though I haven’t changed the sensory tub, because Fuss wants to play with the Halloween/Fall one for one more week.

Hannibal turning me on. I mean making lunch.

Here he is cooking lunch for Fuss. The more spinach he chops, the more I get turned on.

Hannibal chopping spinach and dripping with awesome sauce.

Speaking of turned on, we’re going to do a little “Babymoon” (as my friend Saudeka likes to call it) this coming Saturday, because it’s my last weekend in town. It’s a small one night honeymoon, done just about seasonally, to keep the marriage fresh after the kids arrive. We got a dinner on Groupon for fifteen bucks (Score!), and we will go to Mooch’s Shakespeare show, bring her home, and then spend the night out. We come back the following morning refreshed and satisfied.

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Marital Mondays: The Guide

Hannibal is finally starting to express concern for being on his own for the month of December. His responsibilities will include caring for Fuss, paying the bills online, cooking, cleaning, doctor/dentist appointments, going to work, and not sleeping next to Myshell Tabu. Upon hearing this list, his response, of course, was, “No morning wife meat? Aww man.”

This prompted his new Let’s Screw Every Night plan. Right. If you see me in the streets looking tired, don’t worry, I’m happy — just worn out. To take care of his other needs, which he’s clearly not concerned about right now, I drafted a little packet for while I’m gone. It includes recipes, shopping lists, emergency contacts, how to reach me, my itinerary, passwords and more. It’s long and kinda private, but I posted the front page below:

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Tempest & Teeth


Theatergoers piled in for tea, scones, and a taste of the bard at the Magic Castle this past Sunday. If you haven’t visited this place, you should go! The magicians are very entertaining, and the decor is a cross between charming and creepy. I kept leaning against the wall panels and hoping I’d fall through a trap door at the star-studded tea party. After the crumpets had settled in our tummies and the magic had been digested, we all traveled upstairs to watch select scenes performed by students and celebrities.  To top it all off “Blossom” (Mayim Bialik) was in the audience!!!

Mma-Syrai rehearsing with Keith David before the show

Mooch (Mma-Syrai) opened the Los Angeles Drama Club’s “Tempest in a Teacup,” performing Hecate. She shared the stage with three delightful fellows dressed in drag, and it was hilarious! Romeo and Juliet was performed by Jason Alexander (George Costanza, Seinfeld), Laraine Newman (Saturday Night Live) performed as Cleopatra, and later in the evening, Mooch performed alongside Keith David (“Platoon,” “Crash,” “Armageddon,” and more) as Lady Macbeth. Pics are down below Fuss’ section!

To sign up for classes at Los Angeles Drama Club, visit their website, and tell them Myshell Tabu sent you.


Remember when Fuss was born with two teeth. Well, after two years of breast milk and a third year of good hearty vegan cooking, that tooth must go. I noticed a small bump on her gums near the tooth, and I knew immediately that it was an infection. I took her in last week, and sure enough, the dentist prescribed Amoxicillin to heal the infection. It’ll be removed next week. When we looked at the x-rays, the entire root was gone.

Tooth must go

The tooth always looked a little different, so I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. It never looked promising on x-rays no matter how much we brushed the darn thing. It did a very good job as a placeholder, though, so I hope she makes it to age five without too much shifting. I probably won’t invest in a flipper unless she decides to follow in her sister’s footsteps. She’s already asking, but I don’t think she’s ready. We’re still … modifying behavior. For more about homeschooling Fuss, visit: Teaching Fuss.

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Marital Mondays: Feet

M: How come you don’t rub my feet at the end of a long day, like Cliff Huxtable?

H: I don’t like feet.

M: So. You signed up to like my feet. I’m your wife!

H: I’m pretty sure that wasn’t in the vows.

M: Yes, it was.

H: Myshell, there were no feet in my vows. I wrote them. There’s video footage. As a matter fact, let me go on and pull up YouTube.

M: Why you always gotta bring facts into stuff? Ugh. I’m supposed to be able to buy time with these false truths. I state them betting that each time you won’t reach for that damn iPad in search of truth, justice, and pancakes.

H: (laughter) Okay, I’ll rub anything you want me to … just not feet.

M: Anything?

*Lights out*

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