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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Books

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Team Tabu Updates: Is Hannibal a Hula Dancer?

Twister, Would You Rather, and the beloved Fruits and Vegetable game kept the Tabus busy all Sunday. We thoroughly enjoyed our family game day! It is fun having Fuss at an age where she can participate so we don’t have to distract her with a bobby pin and an old shoe. She beat us at Go Fish, and had a ball falling on her butt during Twister and showing off her counting skills when she rolled the die during Would You Rather.

The highlight was Hannibal belly dancing during Would You Rather. Based on the arm movements he chose, I’m pretty sure he has belly dancing confused with the hula. I won the vegetable game, which is kind of like a cross between Memory and Bingo. Mooch didn’t win any of the games, but displayed excellent sportspersonship, which she’s had struggles with in the past.

We didn’t make it to Chutes and Ladders, because dinner snuck up on us. Later Sunday night, Hannibal and I played a few games of our own. 😉

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Introducing Fuss (Video)

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Team Tabu Update: Wiser

Caged by illness and slight feelings of melancholy and ennui, Hannibal managed to sing his way into his forties. The family celebrated with cupcakes and our traditional candle walk Friday night followed by a brunch on Sunday (his actual birthday). Saturday night, he stayed out to the wee hours with two of his best friends crooning tunes at a South Bay bowling alley. (Pics Below) He also posted his annual birthday blog.

With the plight of the winter birthdays behind us (there’s one New Year’s Eve, January 10th, and January 20th), we can focus our attention on goals for 2013. Our morning prayer routine is going really well. The only day we missed last week was Wednesday, and the power of the affirmations from the previous days carried me through the day just fine.

Business is steady, but I’m looking for another increase to cover the damage done by the cruise Mooch and I took last month. This time of the year is usually very busy for me, so there shouldn’t be any problem. We took Fuss out of the part time school she was in, partly because it was awful and also to save money. Mooch’s school is very expensive, so that’s where most of our dough goes. Most days it’s worth it.

Homeschooling the first week was challenging, because I had to rid Fuss of behaviors she had learned at school, and get her back in the swing of my rhythm. The second week was fantastic. I used stickers and a soft voice to modify behavior, doused with lots of hugs and praise. She seems so much happier homeschooling, and truthfully so am I. I literally dove right in.

Hannibal expressed concern last week with his not spending enough time with Mooch, so he’s on a date with her right now. They went on a walk at USC for conversation and fresh air, and then she’s treating him to a movie with her birthday money. I hope they have a good time. They really have a great bond, and it’s good to see them rekindling it since our thirty day absence.

Everyone seems to be off to a good start for this week. Hannibal woke up feeling much better after 12 hours of sleep last night. I didn’t get home until almost five in the morning, and I knew that he was well rested, because he wasn’t snoring.


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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: 9 Times Around The Sun

I have to reiterate for those that don’t know me: My kids don’t get parties every year. There are so many other ways to celebrate. Parties are for milestones. I give them one on their 1st, 3rd, 5th, 10th, 13th, 16th, and 18th birthdays. On in between ones, we eat cake after dinner on the night of. The birthday kid also walks around a candle (symbolizing the sun) carrying a small globe (symbolizing the earth) the number of times they’ve made the trip around the sun. This time Mooch went around nine times as I recited her life story for each year. My was I proud of her accomplishments.

She was both walking and talking well before one.
Half the community (libraries and restaurants) knew her by age two.
She was reading by age three.
She was an intermediate tap dancer by age 4 1/2.
By five, she had ready over 300 books.
At six, she began an acting career.
By seven, she had already been in six commercials.
Eight years old was when she decided to do Shakespeare.

Yesterday my little girl, who used to be afraid to jump off of the curb, because of her depth perception (eye issues) did a front flip with no hands on the trampoline. This kid overcomes. I was happy to celebrate her ninth birthday last Thursday. I know that nine has much in store for Mooch.

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