Team Tabu Updates: New Homeschool Room!!

I’m sorry this is a list with pictures. Paragraphs about a room redecoration would be too boring and lengthy. If you have questions, do ask them in the comments section below.

1. I redid my classroom for the new year, and Fuss loves it. It’s my new favorite room in the house. It used to be a storage slash office slash classroom, and now it serves mostly one purpose — or at least it looks like it does.

2. This past Friday, I had an opportunity to have a girls night out. I went to Nola’s restaurant downtown, and had a taste of New Orleans. It was really good. Then I went to Kiss N’ Grind’s Pre-Grammy event. It was a much needed break from mommyhood.

3. Mooch is in a limit testing phase, which is not so fun. It isn’t a period of defiance, but she’s learning what is appropriate and not appropriate when addressing adults. Our home and her school are both places where she’s allowed to speak freely, and I think she’s let that go to her head — first disrespecting Hannibal in front of company Saturday night and then doing the same to me Sunday at my dad’s birthday dinner. These are those fun pre-teen times everyone has been talking about. Joy!

4. I bartered with a client so that Hannibal and I can have a date night to go to the Still Waters “Life is a Saxophone” event on Sunday, February 24th. That’s not exactly Black Love Day, but it’s as close as we can get.

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