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Team Tabu Updates: A Change is Gonna Come

My favorite thing to report is that intimacy is back in full swing. Our anniversary always seems to provide that extra boost (even with Hannibal’s fear of re-breaking my ankle during coitus). With work and exhaustion at night, the mornings continue to be our most consistent time. We definitely connect a couple of times per week at night as well, but the daily morning cuddle is as crucial as family affirmations for us.

Unfortunately, we’ve received a lot of news in the past two weeks — news that means changes for the fame. Fortunately, my second favorite thing to report is that we’ve been through much worse, and we are confident we’ll get through all of this. We just aren’t thrilled about it, and that’s real. Change means work. The first year of marriage was a lot of work, and years two and three we got progressively closer. Year four we coasted on the work we had done — finding comfort in ritual, finishing each other’s sentences, shouting out punchlines simultaneously, and supporting each other the best way we could at the time.

This fifth year will require more of us. We will probably moving within the next three months. Again! I still have three more weeks in a cast. My father’s time is running out, which means paperwork, lawyers, wills, trusts, etc. Hannibal has been stressed at work for over a year, and he’s doing extra at home.

On the bright side, the kids are both much older and quite helpful. Mooch makes breakfast every single morning. Steel oats, eggs, waffles, pancakes, omelets and hashbrowns are all things she is capable of preparing. Fuss does her laundry, sweeps the floor, makes her own snacks and sandwiches, cleans the sink, wipes her table, and dresses herself now. For all of these things, we are very grateful.

We’re trying to stop saying we’re tired all of the time, especially in front of the kids. Fuss is starting to say it, too, and that’s not good. It’s true though. We’re exhausted. I hope to report better news soon.

Here are some pictures of homeschool. For more homeschooling ideas and documentations, click here.

Smelling Bottles

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Lasers

The girls play with laser lights.

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Marital Mondays: Seventies Porn

M: I like seventies porn.
H: Really? I always thought the production values were too crappy, like the way you feel about Star Wars.
M: Fine. If you watch seventies porn with me, I’ll watch Star Wars with you.
M: Right. Now where are we going to find seventies porn.
H:, of course.
M: Mmm. How you know about that?
H: I read! (in his George Takei’s voice)
M: There’s nothing to read on a porn site.
H: Yes, there are categories. You have to read those. Otherwise, you won’t know what you’re picking.
M: You don’t have to read. You just click something and hope it’s not midget porn. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. (in my nonjudgmental voice)
H: That’s racist!
M: *blank stare*

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Spring Art Project

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Team Tabu Updates: Fun, right?

Hannibal and I have been grinding our elbows off trying to keep up with bills piling up like the end of a Tetris game. He comes home early to help with dinner, since I broke my ankle. Then he works again from 9pm-11pm while I design. No cuddle time. No you-know-what. This is the ‘in the trenches’ part of marriage. It’s the ‘my kids want to try every sport and extracurricular they see’ part. Guess what, though? We’re still choosing joy. Bet your bottom dollar, the sex will come out tomorrow.

My week has been busy and fun, with intermittent tedium. I’ve been working with Mooch’s class on their auction project, which is a stained glass window. They’ve been studying the 1930s, and I thought it was apropos. It’s been fun getting to know some of the personalities in her class.

Hearing, “Your ankle is not THAT broken” from a grumpy near-eighty-year-old sick father, demanding that I hobble to Kaiser to pick up a prescription for him in the middle of dinner … yeah … that was the tedious part. Arriving to find he hadn’t called in the prescription (as he’d stated), and they didn’t even have the drug in stock, was just infuriating. He then added, “Well, can you pick up Depends on your way home?” Fun, right?

The highlight of my week was redesigning the classroom. I added more Reggio Emilia elements, but definitely kept a lot of Montessori, because it’s working. The room is so bright and cheery. It’s my new favorite spot in the house.

Color. Art. Shelves.


Book Nook

Fuss making a spiral


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