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Tuesdays with Mooch & Fuss: Coping

Mooch and Fuss’ techniques for dealing with stress and frustration.

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Marital Mondays: Sexual Per Diem

The Tabu’s are boldly going where no married couple has ever gone before. Okay, well maybe a few of you have. Anyway, for the entire month of May, we will attempt to engage in coitus twice per day. With our busy schedules, this will mean some morning quickies as well as some late night love making.

We want to see how if affects overall mood, work ethic, attitudes towards the kids, general closeness, etc. I will write about the effects in the Marital Mondays blog posts (not the Team Tabu Updates) every other week, and let you all know how it is going. A few couples in our marriage group on Facebook will be participating with us (well, not in the same house, of course), so if you and your spouse want to join in on the fun, we’d love to hear about it. Let me rephrase that. I’d love to hear about it. Hannibal prefers to hear as little as possible about other people’s sex lives. Ha!

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Team Tabu Updates: Homeschool, Pericles, and Other Stuff

We had a lovely weekend! Mooch starred as Pericles with Los Angeles Drama Club. She thoroughly enjoyed herself during both performances. After the show Saturday, we went out for frozen yogurt, and Sunday her school friends came to see the performance. Much pizza and laughter ensued for the following hour.

Performer Swag: Flowers, toys, and hair flowers

Friday was Staff Appreciation Day at Mooch’s school, so we had a visitor for homeschool. He was an absolute delight. We sang songs, learned about the weather, heard a story in Spanish, and did mat activities. After lunch and nap, a few hours at the nearby park tired them out.

Hannibal and I have been playing board games and watching our favorite shows to take our minds off of all the house hunting and paperwork we’ve been doing lately. I’ve also been researching unschooling more, and he’s been writing books and scripts non-stop.

This is our lives right now.

Oh, P.S. Guess who got me to put my tap shoes on? The only prospective student who could …

Tapping with Fuss

*No Tuesdays with Mooch & Fuss tomorrow. Mooch is shooting something in Sherman Oaks, so we won’t have time to film or edit.

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Marital Mondays: Publish or Perish

For one of our four indoor date nights last week, we played Star Wars Epic Duels, and I loved it! That’s because I whipped Hannibal’s booty at it. Emperor Palpatine was my dude! My favorite thing about this table top board game is that I didn’t have to know a lick about Star Wars — just good old strategy.

The night was reminiscent of our first date, where we played Pente (my favorite game ever on the planet). I beat him at that, too. Then I used my eyelashes and bargaining skills to bribe him when Scrabble wasn’t going my way. Good times.

Our relationship was built on a foundation of sweat, spirit, smiles, and sex. We work hard, but when we take the night off, we play. Our current schedule has us working three nights out of the week, and connecting (on many levels) for the other four. I usually design and blog on work nights, and Hannibal writes and promotes himself at the same time.

I’m really proud of his publishing push this year. He has released The Crown: Ascension (sci-fi) as an e-book with new bonus chapters. His sci-fi prison thriller, Faraway, is also now available in e-format. Hannibal is the 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt winner, and his work has been published in Steamfunk, an Anthology.

 He is on a publishing mission — currently writing the sequel to Stranger Comics’ Dusu: The Path of the Ancient. Planning pays. That’s novels, comic books, and anthologies all in the first three months of the year. Oh, he writes poetry, too. Okay, I’ll stop bragging. I just thought I’d take a moment to show my support.


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Team Tabu Updates: Practice Makes Awesome

I sat down with Mooch Thursday to discuss the way she’s been skipping her vocal and ballet home practice. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to practice or stretch. Her schedule is just very hectic with auditions and is always subject to change.

Instead of helping her write a rigid schedule with times on it like she has for the morning, I told her to make it coincide with things that happen every night. For instance, her sister takes a bath every night like clockwork. If this is the time Mooch sits at the keyboard to practice vocals, she will have a built in trigger. Then she does her ballet stretches while Fuss is getting lotion and a book. It has been working like a charm! She hasn’t missed a day of practice since we started Thursday.

Hannibal and I caught up on television this Saturday and Sunday nights. We currently watch Scandal, The Following, The Big Bang Theory, and Revolution together. There are other shows I’ve fallen off of that he still watches while he’s doing comic book reviews on Wednesdays (Community, Raising Hope, etc.). We normally discuss the plot elements afterwards.


My ankle is healing. I’m off of crutches now, but I have a small lace up support boot that fits into my regular shoes. I’m getting a little swagger back. I called myself “trimming my ends” while driving last week, so my hair cut is interesting and much shorter than I planned. When I wear it curly, it’s okay, though.


At nap time, I now leave Fuss alone, and she just goes to sleep. I used to work right next to her while she slept, but the typing was making her rest less than satisfactory. Now I can be as noisy as I’d like.

She also decided a couple of weeks ago that she wants to try auditioning. I set her up a webpage, got her a meeting with Mooch’s agent, and now she’s ready to go out. I didn’t pay for professional headshots. I just shot them myself outside with my Canon. They change too often at this age to pay upwards of $300 for pictures. We’ll see if she enjoys it. She hasn’t even been on her first audition yet, but she loves shooting Tuesdays with Mooch and Fuss.


P.S. Team Tabu made carrot cake together yesterday. Fuss greased the pan. Hannibal made the cream cheese frosting, and Mooch and I made the cake. It came out great!

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