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Marital Mondays: The Rant of All Rants

Remember when Mary J. Blige stopped searching for “Real Love” and actually found it. When she had experienced “Enough Cryin,'” her fans weren’t willing to accept the new “Just Fine” Mary. Many said, “I can’t relate to her anymore. She’s too happy.”

Well, I’ve been like that all summer with Hannibal, and I didn’t really feel comfortable blogging about it, because I felt it would be perceived as pretentious (even though my joy was true) and not received well. You know — like the cheery douchebag who comes into work and says, “Happy Monday” to everybody. Sharing about happiness always makes me feel uncomfortable, which is probably more my own issue than anyone else’s. I even discourage my daughter from doing it, because it sounds like she’s bragging. She’s really just genuinely excited about everything she has going on. Oh, how we pass on our baggage, but I digress.

Anyway, I was all set to suck it up and just write about the happiness for last Monday’s blog when things all fell apart.

My design business has been going really well, which is great on the one hand, but that means it takes up more of my time. It doesn’t fit neatly between the hours of 8:30pm and 11:30pm three nights per week. It’s more like all night until 3am, five nights per week. That means I’m tired during homeschool, though still giving it my all and enjoying it. I also have to squeeze in documenting the girls’ work, and post it to several sites, so we can track our curriculum to see what we’ve learned and what we’d like to learn. Food prep has gotten lazy and frozen, but it’s still healthy items. Lastly, there are no husband nights, which sucks majorly. When we do manage to get a night together, we try to catch up on Newsroom and Breaking Bad, so it isn’t really *us* time.

The more money we make (Hannibal with extra DJ gigs and me with design), the more shit pops up requiring funds. Apparently, during Hannibal’s heart crisis and the move to the new house, I neglected to ever mail off my car registration. I’ve been so busy that I actually thought I had done it. When the cop pulled me over in Long Beach, I was completely caught off guard. It’s only a $25 ticket, but when I went online to view the registration, it was $555. #fail

Hannibal got a speeding ticket that I *did* mail out months ago with bail and a trial by declaration. It, apparently, got lost in the mail, and I can’t find the money order receipt since we moved, so I’ll be hunting that down this week to avoid paying the same amount again. #sigh

My hard drive crashed, so we had to buy a new one. I lost many important things, including the letter that accompanied Hannibal’s ticket and the scan of the money order.

To be under financial stress when we’re both busting our asses and working so hard is frustrating and putting a strain on us. We have no time to connect like we usually do, we’re tired, and snarky old habits are resurfacing. Everything we’ve practiced in the areas of diplomacy and compassion has gone out the window just this week. Hannibal is particularly on edge. Even the girls are giving him the side eye.

We talked Thursday night about how we both felt this past week, and we decided to eliminate our two or three TV shows and just watch them on our own. Hannibal suggested that our time together be spent just connecting intimately and talking face-to-face. We start Tuesday. Wish us luck!

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Part 2 – The Photos

Here are the first day photos. Enjoy!

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: First Day of School

I took yesterday off to labor over laminating machines and Montessori trays. Our classroom is ready for my two little pupils, and my eyelids are ready to close. I’m excited about all of the things the girls selected to learn about — dinosaurs, culture, and arithmetic.

Mooch is doing fashion design for her art curriculum, and, though we’ll play outside at parks and home, her ballet and gymnastics will cover P.E. She’ll continue learning html per her request, and she’s doing a Shakespeare improv class on Mondays. Voice lessons with my brother will resume (probably Thursdays), and there’s an acting class just for homeschoolers during the day!

Fuss is all pumped for addition. The moveable alphabet will arrive soon, so she’ll begin spelling the CVC words that she already reads. There are loads of practical activities on the shelf — pouring, buttoning, mirror cleaning, spooning. Those are her favorite. The broom, mop, and cutting utensil are on the way. I’m also seeking a Little Partners Learning Tower via Craigslist.

We’re teaming up with another family in Long Beach for a couple of subjects, and just to hang out. If you’re homeschooling in Los Angeles, hit us up for park dates.

P.S. I’ll add a photo gallery of our current activities here at the end of the day. Also, you’ll see updates on the unschooling page.

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