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Tuesdays with Mooch & Fuss: School Update and Affection and Stuff

A couple of weeks ago, we pulled up at Speaker’s League and Mooch gasped, “I was supposed to write fifteen questions for today’s class!! I’m the Impromptu Master. If I don’t have any questions, no one will have anything to speak about.” Of course, I had remembered this all along, but I was prepared to let her take the fall for it. I won’t be there to remind her of anything if she chooses to go to college — or in life in general. She should have written it down. I didn’t yell at her. I looked at the clock. We were sixteen minutes early. She looked at me. I said, “Well, get out a pen and paper.” She came up with and neatly wrote fifteen questions, while sweating cats and dogs, but she went in prepared.

That was the one time in weeks that she’s had a slip up like that. She learned her lesson. Now, she remembers her ballet bag, her purse, her chores, and turns in her assignments on time all without my nagging. I do not like to nag. I just want people to see that shit needs to be done and do it. If she masters this, the teen years, fingers crossed, will be much smoother.

We have made adjustments and we’re settling into homeschooling. I have a super relaxed approach with Mooch’s schedule, because I want her to develop time management skills. I’m full of strategies if she needs them, but it seems the huge calendar on her wall that she suggested is working.

She originally planned to write out her schedule for the week and do those things each day. With her auditions, out-of-home classes, and busy social life, it proved more effective for her to jot down the work she’d accomplished, after the fact, each night. Now she only writes in her “set in stone” items at the beginning of each month (ballet classes, Speakers League, Shakespeare, birthday parties, etc.), and she uses those as guides to work around.

For instance, today she did a couple of pages of math, some journaling, sentence diagramming (with emphasis on adverbs that modify adjectives instead of verbs), and read a book for two hours straight while wrapped in a blanket in my bed. Her improv class followed, and then she came home for dinner. She has tons of down time this way, because she decides what to do.

Her goals are to do math four days of the week, journal everyday, read everyday, use the scientific method or learn something about science everyday, and learn as much cultural geography as possible. She’s still in Shakespeare, singing, and ballet (we left Westside School of Ballet, and she loves her new ballet school much more); but she chose to add piano (based on her experience at the William Grant Still Arts Center this summer) and tumbling (she’s afraid of beam and bars, because of her eye condition). Thursdays and Sundays are completely empty, and Saturday, she only dances from 11:30am-1:30pm.

Sleepovers on Saturday nights are a huge hit since she has her own room. The only problem is that many of her very close friends dance all day on Saturdays, so she mostly hangs with her non-dance friends.


Fuss did a photo shoot with Sierra Prescott a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love many of the shots. She wants to do print work, so I’m working on that — slowly. That’s not an area I’m very familiar with, so I have to research as much as I did when Mooch started her acting adventure.

This little one has grown much more independent in homeschool by watching her sister. She’ll often steal away to the book nook and read alone, but many times she still prefers me with her. She’s ready to move on to the orange set of BOB Books, which I have not purchased yet, and she’s doing addition both on the mat and on paper. I really kinda fell off on the art, which is a surprise, because it’s one of my favorite things to do. I have to incorporate it more, because she really loved when I was on that kick. I plan to do a Halloween scrapbooking craft tomorrow, so she’ll enjoy that.

Her movable alphabet showed up in the mail, so she was super excited about that yesterday!

In the behavior department, she’s gotten both better and worse. On the one hand, she now listens to if/then statements and really weighs her options. She usually makes the better choice these days. On the other hand, she has been making verbal jabs at her sister that are very divisive and offensive. So we’re working on choosing our words, the three gates, sharing the spotlight, and considering the feelings of others. Send us good energy in this department.

I’ve found that with music playing, she’s much more pleasant. The problem is that I prefer it quiet at home, because I’m so loud in public. We compromise. I’m actually considering putting the ipod dock that I usually teach with in her room. I could never sleep with music, but she is her own little person, and a little soft jazz never hurt anyone.


Fuss continues to pile on loads of affection. She is a very loving child. She tells each family member she loves them every day (often multiple times). A definite hugger, this kid’s puppy dog eyes and breathtaking smile demand attention. I have to remind myself that while Mooch doesn’t ask for cuddles and kisses, she still needs them. The last few nights Mooch has requested that I come and tuck her in after we have cuddle time in my bed. I do. We often launch into mother/daughter talks about her fears, ideas, and future. I like those times.

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Marital Mondays: Car Rant

Hannibal rented a Chevy Camaro while his car is in the shop, and I have never seen someone so excited to drive. He offers to go to the store to get bread about nine times per day. When Mooch and I stood putting on our shoes to head to her friend’s house, he asked if we’d like him to drive. What is it with men and cars?

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Marital Mondays: The Dose

Marriage is always on point when you’re ovulating. Just kidding. Well … sort of. I had some of the best sex in my life Sunday. Eff the roof. The passion was through the clouds. In fact, we did it twice and would have gone for round three, but it was 2 a.m. Now, I don’t want to minimize our roles in it. We were open, in tune, and pleasing ourselves by serving each other. You know — all the good stuff. I do, however, think hormones played a few major notes last night’s sexual symphony.

There is one particular set of nine days each month, during which I want to hire a baby sitter, check into a Hilton, and ride Hannibal until he forgets his name. I say “I love you” more during this period. I cater. I cuddle. I kiss — a lot. He can pretty much do no wrong during ovulation (PMS is a different story for another blog).

I noticed this last year and have been trying to stretch it out for the whole month, mimic the behavior for rest of the month, or store up the feelings and energy to pour out in bursts when I’m exhausted — to no avail. My body, for whatever reason, would rather make love 800 times in one-and-a-half weeks than 31 times in a month.

Whatever the case is, I’m glad it’s still fiery, and I hope these monthly doses continue well into my sixties. *fingers crossed*


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Team Tabu Updates: Tipsy

Which do you want first? The good news or the bad news? Let’s start with the bad and finish on a good note, shall we?

Hannibal and Fuss were in a pretty bad car accident, but they are both fine. Hannibal was not at fault. He wasn’t even moving. You can read more about it on his blog.


Now the good news:

We had an eventful weekend, starting with cleaning the house from top to bottom Friday, which always rejuvenates me. Fuss learned to mop with her child-sized Montessori mop, and she did a damn good job.

Getting the corners

Then we had dinner with my family Saturday night at the Twin Dragon in honor of my birthday (this Tuesday 10/15). Here’s a fun story about how this came about:

Two aunts and a cousin showed up, and that was a pleasant surprise. I ate my usual vegetable lo mein, and I got Mooch and Fuss virgin piña coladas so they could feel special. I’m pretty sure Fuss’ drink had alcohol in it, because she was extra wild.

Fuss getting tipsy

Sunday, Mooch performed with Max Greenfield in a scene from Cleopatra at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. The star-studded gala featured Keith David (Crash), Aisha Hinds (Under the Dome), and Jennette McCurdy (iCarly, Sam&Cat).

Mooch as Cleopatra

Mma-Syrai AKA Mooch with co-star Max Greenfield

Design business is flowing in ever so rapidly for me, so that’s awesome! I’m currently working on a logo for an attorney, three websites (ISG, Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory, and a yoga instructor), and a self-defense brochure.

Out to eat

This Thursday I will travel to the bay area to celebrate my birthday with two dear friends from high school. Before that, I’ll be shooting a scene for a project that I can’t talk about yet. I’ve probably said too much. There is much excitement in the Tabu house of late!

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Thematic Thursdays: My Annual Birthday Wishlist

Every year, I put together this ridiculous list of stuff that I’d like for my birthday, because, hey, you never know. Maybe I have a billionaire fan out there somewhere.

My birthday is next Tuesday, October 15th, and I’ll be traveling to the bay area to spend time with some friends I rarely see. I’m already super excited about that. The following items would just make my life even more ducky!

Here goes:

I started taking hip-hop every Monday for $Free.99 at a local spot, but each time I’m prepping for class, I stress over what to wear. I guess when I stopped really teaching, I threw all of my sweats away. I’ve been dancing in Hannibal’s pajama pants each Monday.

First on the list is the CAMPUS PANT from Victoria’s Secret in Green Mist – Size Small

I can’t have fresh sweats without a dope hoodie. Enter the Funnelneck Perfect Zip Hoodie — also from VS.


After 4 tries, I’m probably never going to let a salon yank hair out of my crotch. Also, my legs are hairy as hell, and will probably continue to be unless I get this:

Lastly, dinner prep would be so much easier with a quality food processor, and smoothies would actually be smooth with a real blender. The Vitamix CIA Professional Series in Ruby Red would be a great addition to our family’s kitchen.

That’s it! Happy (wishful) Birthday to me.

P.S. Purses always work, too, because I pretty much never buy purses and I wear the same one all year. #truestory

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