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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: New Semester

Fuss was on avail for a huge commercial, but I theorize since we haven’t heard anything (and it shoots tomorrow), she didn’t book it. Mooch shoots another commercial the week of February 24th. So, yay! She’s excited.

Mooch started Chemistry with me this week, and it’s been so fun. I really like the book, because I can just add the few items needed for each week’s experiment to our grocery list (if we don’t already have them). She thoroughly enjoys science, and I want to continue to nurture that passion.

I’m so grateful for the phonics that Fuss learned from Montessori. I think she’s ready for small chapter books, but I DON’T want to do Junie B. Jones with this kid. She would copy everything that kid does, and end up with poor grammar. Mooch started with those, but she laughed, shook her head, and corrected the grammar. I sincerely don’t think that would be the case with my little one.  I’m open to suggestions.

We’re trying to pick the next ethnic enclave we’ll study. Iran was very interesting, and Mooch is able to expand the perspectives of many people when she speaks about it. We may have to pause a while to focus on the indigenous history of Los Angeles, because Mooch has shown interest. Perhaps we’ll follow that up with a Mexican enclave, go to Olvera Street, etc.

The extracurriculars this semester are pretty much the same. Fuss chose gymnastics, piano, and ballet. Mooch asked for Shakespeare, dance, acting, drums, piano and voice.

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Marital Mondays: The Gig is Up

When your spouse goes through it, you go through it. It’s kind of what one signs up for when jumping the sparkly, flower-embellished broom in a pink and black strapless dress (Okay, some people wear white, but you get it). Our union is certainly no different. When my true love’s thunderous laughter echoes through the halls of our home, it lands somewhere in the curve of my own Duchenne smile.

Likewise, when he’s suffering or fearful, I can detect it just beyond the ear-to-ear grin and erudite index finger resting carefully on his handsome face. Even though family time really does put him in a happy space, it’s no secret that his job is trying to kill him. The heart condition, which doctors still can’t figure out, by the way, is largely stress related.

Our recent indoor date nights (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays) have been focused on planning (Well, we have sex after we talk, but that’s not really the focus of this blog post. Stay focused). I want him to have more time to do what he loves. That’s something I want for our whole family — even if we end up living in a studio apartment.

Hannibal is a writer. He writes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights (our work nights), he writes on the toilet, he writes in the passenger seat of our car, and he writes in line at the grocery store. His iPad has miles on it. Despite his supernatural ability to churn out copy on the side of a full time job, I still think he should be writing all day e’er’day. I’d like this without his feeling the pressure to “provide.”

It’s going to likely be rough, but that’s never stopped me before. I know how to shop at a farmers market, purchase a vegan bouillon, and throw it with some ramen. I also save a lot, and work my fingers off designing to match (and some months top) his income. Our kids won’t know the difference financially. With our combination of hustles (karaoke hosting, design, dance, disk jockeying, web production, writing), we’ll be fine. Being happy is just more important. It’s harder to choose joy when you’re constantly being threatened. Happiness is in our vows. It’s a family rule. We live passionately. We choose joy.

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Settling Into Self-Direction

If you follow me online at all, then you know I follow my girls. Whatever they’re into is what they’re into, and we just provide the support. This season has been one of creativity and strategy. Both girls are settling into self-direction quite nicely. In a surprising turn, Mooch has become attached to her Rainbow Loom and she has a crochet playdate this Wednesday. In the past, she would go weeks without asking to draw, color, or craft, but now she is drawing her own comic books and writing the stories to accompany them. She loves following directions from Lego pamphlets and YouTube videos regarding building and inventing. Her love of literature, of course, is still thriving. She’s personally reading the third Harry Potter book, and Hannibal is reading Gathering Blue to both of us each night. He does the best voices. We’ll have to record him.

Fuss is Imagination Lass. Dolls, dolls, and more dolls occupy her mind and space. She uses the tree blocks to build elaborate homes for her clothespin dolls. She has set up a nursery for the “baby dolls,” and the American Girl doll, that her aunt bought her, is her sidekick. Her name is Lalah Brittni. She finds adding and subtracting in everyday life situations (forks on the table, people in the car, etc.) extremely fun. She brings that up quite often, but she hasn’t selected addition from the shelf in a long time.

The moveable alphabet has been her main agenda for the last couple of months. She makes words and word families, and she asks me to spell things for her. Since she got Hannibal’s hand-me-down first generation iPad, the “real” hundred board hardly sees any use. She does many math activities, including the hundred board, on the tablet. Montessorium makes some great apps.

Here are pics from this past week in “homeschool:”

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Marital Mondays: Pillow Talk (Episode – Like 24?)

H: Don’t make that face.
M: I got it from my mom. She used to make it to mock people when they were saying something she was tired of hearing or didn’t want to hear.
H: Give it back.
M: I can’t. She’s dead.
H: Try just leaving it there.
M: Where? At her mausoleum?
H: Yeah.
M: I don’t really visit her burial site.
H: How do you feel about that? Does it bother you?
M: No. I don’t really believe she’s there. I’d find her in a sweet potato pie or Mooch’s dimples before I found her at Inglewood Park Cemetery.
H: Hh. I visited Harold and Mabel’s gravesite when I went to Memphis.
M: Why?
H: It just seemed respectful.
M: Do you think I’m being disrespectful?
H: I respect whatever you think. I’m not really involved in that type of decision. It’s your relationship, and you seem to be doing fine with it. I like the memories you’ve been posting on Facebook. They’re giving me a chance to see (smile) (pause) to get to know the awesome woman who created you.
M: Thank you.
H: You’re welcome.
(brief sweet pause)
M: Hey, Hannibal, guess what?
H: What?
M: That awesome woman taught me how to do this. *insert mocking face*
H: You’re so Ernie, and I’m so Bert.
M: No, because if I were Ernie and you were Bert, you’d have to suck my puppet penis.
H: Okay. This is getting weird. You’re sleepy.
M: Am I, Bert?
H: (no answer)
M: Bert?
H: Stop calling me Bert!
M: I love you, Bert.
H: I love you, too, Ernie.
M: Why? Tell me why you love me, Bert.
H: Because we just went from cemetery to Sesame Street in sixty seconds!

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Team Tabu Updates: January is Almost Over *wipes head*

The flurry of festivities has finally finished, and I’m over here sleeping like a pregnant woman. Yes, I took a nap yesterday. What? I need some down time before the next emergency, production, or unexpected change strikes.

Mooch is ten now. Fuss is four, and by Monday, Hannibal will have completed another trek around the sun. It was truly a fun season. The milestone birthdays always are. I can’t believe Mooch is a whole decade old. She had a fun party, with the majority of our community present, followed by a sleepover and paintballing.

Legoland had fireworks for Fuss’ birthday. Well, sort of. Her birthday is New Year’s Eve, so the fireworks were probably for that, but who’s asking? We’re skipping our usual hotel getaway for Hannibal’s birthday, because we’re hosting a marriage retreat the second weekend in February.

“Homeschooling” is back in full swing, with Fuss writing a lot more and Mooch delving deeper into science. She’s been programming her rover, creating hurricanes, and creating circuits. We finished The Giver as a family (well 3/4 of us), and while she plows through the third Harry Potter, her sister is flying through her second set of BOB Books.

There is nothing much new to report. I’ve been working (designing) a lot, which explains my inability to blog. Aaaaaghhh!! Enjoy these pictures from the holidays and birthdays over the past couple of months. Marital Mondays will be back Monday.

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