Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Why I Don’t Need Curriculum [Plus Random Videos]

Why I don’t really worry about coming up with (or buying) curriculum for the six and under …

Fuss (4yrs): I want to take the book Grand gave me with me to my school, so my friend’s can hear her voice.
Me: You keep wanting to share stuff. Did you ask about the show and tell?
Fuss: No, I keep forgetting once I start playing.
Me: Oh.
Fuss: I should write my teacher a letter!
Me: You could.
Fuss: I’m going to go get a pencil and paper and a clipboard. Ooh, and crayons.

… and there’s our handwriting, spelling, grammar, and language arts for the day.

Writing her letter requesting show and tell

Fuss Writes a Letter

Letter From The Four-Year-Old

In case you aren’t on Facebook (my mother-in-law), here is Mma-Syrai’s most recent commercial:

And here is the girls in their spare time rapping about GMOs:

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