Pillow Talk: The Laugh Track

The pillow talk series contains conversations directly from our bedroom. When you and your partner leave the bills, scheduling, and kid talk in the emails, interesting whimsical conversations happen on the pillow.

from bed Thursday night …

H: Eww, I just read something creepy.

M: What?

H: “Even in today’s sitcoms, a large percentage of the people in the laugh track have since passed away. Meaning that we watch comedies marked by the laughter of dead people.”

M: Oh, that’s awesome.

H: Eww.

M: Their spirits live on each time we watch a show. Ashe!

H: No. That’s creepy.

M: I think dead people *should* laugh — especially at the living. The fact that they are performed in front of an audience of zombies, makes sitcoms much more funny.

H: That’s macabre, Myshell.

M: Your mileage may vary.

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