He Says: “The kids should only listen to positive things and watch positive images, because their brains aren’t developed enough to parse out the difference and deal with the desensitizing effect of said images and lyrics.” She says: “The kids need to hear and see a combination of positive and [...]

School is starting back, which is fun for the kids, but if your child goes to private school it can leave you drowning in a sea of tuition payments. When all the summer fun winds down and you’re on a tighter budget and a tighter schedule, it can cause a [...]


Your desire to “whip your hair back and forth” … could be causing more damage than your yaki-covered brain is aware of.

This is an image of two business hands performing a handshake.

How can black entrepreneurs and business owners thrive if everyone wants the hookup?

Laptop User

This is not about decorating your wee-wee with flowers and peace signs or jacking off to Jimi Hendrix. It’s about how often you decide to go online and flirt with your ex after “kicking them to the curb.” Whether in a new relationship with a mole covered hag or drop-dead [...]

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