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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Teaching Toddlers To Cut With Scissors


Stickers (feel free to choose a theme that corresponds to the season or lesson plan)

Paper (construction paper is easier for them to cut, but any paper works)


Preschool Scissors

Small lightweight bowl or cup

A toddler (roughly age 2-5)

Wide Masking Tape

Set Up:

Place a strip of masking tape on the floor (if you don’t have hardwood floors, do it in the kitchen)

Cut the paper into 1 1/2 inch wide strips (it’s not an exact science) the long way

Draw lines 1 1/2 apart on each strip

Place a fun sticker in between each set of parallel lines

Put strips and scissors on a tray with a small lightweight bowl or cup

STEP ONE (Exploring Scissors):

Get the toddler (Well, invite them over nicely)

Pick up the scissors and explain that they can hurt someone really badly

Touch the tip gently

Let the child touch the tip

Tell them it’s sharp

Show them how to put their fingers in, and let them practice opening and closing

STEP TWO (Walking with Scissors):

YOU carry the scissors, holding the blade end in your fist

Explain to your toddler that this is the way we carry scissors

Walk your toddler to the masking tape, while noting aloud how carefully you’re carrying the scissors

When you get to the tape ask “Do you think you can carry the scissors like I did, while walking on this piece of tape?”

Let the child do it, and give them a simple “Great job” or high five

STEP THREE (Cutting):

Let the child practice carrying the scissors carefully back to the table or mat

Take one of the strips and cut off a square
Note how you open the scissors, place the strip in side and close the scissors completely

Place the fallen square into the little cup/bowl

Do it once more, asking the child what you should do first

If they don’t remember, help them by saying, “Open”

Ask the next step

If they don’t remember, help them by saying, “Close”

Ask the next step

They should respond, “Put it in the cup!” or they may point to the cup (depending on age and language skills)

Hand your child the scissors and let them try

Don’t pressure, yell, or rush. Be patient. Younger children may need more opening and closing practice. If they are frustrated, you may guide them with your hand around theirs or transition to another activity and try again another day.

They should only complete one or two strips each time they do the activity. Don’t ask them to finish cutting all the strips you made (you don’t want to have to make new sticker strips everyday). They should stop the second they’re tired.

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Team Tabu Updates: Homeschool, Pericles, and Other Stuff

We had a lovely weekend! Mooch starred as Pericles with Los Angeles Drama Club. She thoroughly enjoyed herself during both performances. After the show Saturday, we went out for frozen yogurt, and Sunday her school friends came to see the performance. Much pizza and laughter ensued for the following hour.

Performer Swag: Flowers, toys, and hair flowers

Friday was Staff Appreciation Day at Mooch’s school, so we had a visitor for homeschool. He was an absolute delight. We sang songs, learned about the weather, heard a story in Spanish, and did mat activities. After lunch and nap, a few hours at the nearby park tired them out.

Hannibal and I have been playing board games and watching our favorite shows to take our minds off of all the house hunting and paperwork we’ve been doing lately. I’ve also been researching unschooling more, and he’s been writing books and scripts non-stop.

This is our lives right now.

Oh, P.S. Guess who got me to put my tap shoes on? The only prospective student who could …

Tapping with Fuss

*No Tuesdays with Mooch & Fuss tomorrow. Mooch is shooting something in Sherman Oaks, so we won’t have time to film or edit.

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: February

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Team Tabu Updates: New Homeschool Room!!

I’m sorry this is a list with pictures. Paragraphs about a room redecoration would be too boring and lengthy. If you have questions, do ask them in the comments section below.

1. I redid my classroom for the new year, and Fuss loves it. It’s my new favorite room in the house. It used to be a storage slash office slash classroom, and now it serves mostly one purpose — or at least it looks like it does.

2. This past Friday, I had an opportunity to have a girls night out. I went to Nola’s restaurant downtown, and had a taste of New Orleans. It was really good. Then I went to Kiss N’ Grind’s Pre-Grammy event. It was a much needed break from mommyhood.

3. Mooch is in a limit testing phase, which is not so fun. It isn’t a period of defiance, but she’s learning what is appropriate and not appropriate when addressing adults. Our home and her school are both places where she’s allowed to speak freely, and I think she’s let that go to her head — first disrespecting Hannibal in front of company Saturday night and then doing the same to me Sunday at my dad’s birthday dinner. These are those fun pre-teen times everyone has been talking about. Joy!

4. I bartered with a client so that Hannibal and I can have a date night to go to the Still Waters “Life is a Saxophone” event on Sunday, February 24th. That’s not exactly Black Love Day, but it’s as close as we can get.

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Books

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