Fuss turned three December 31st, and with her being obsessed with trash trucks and all, that had to be the theme of her party on the fifth of January. The pics are in the gallery below, and here is the list of activities, decor, and food. ACTIVITIES: Trash can toss [...]


Warning: This is gonna be one of those loaded with photos and information kinda blog posts. Ya’ll know how I get in the fall/winter. Fuss got one of her natal teeth pulled last week (she was born with two teeth), and she did well! We totally forgot to do the [...]


Here are some pics of the girls Halloween costumes over the years. We’re in heavy prep mode around here, and there isn’t much time for blogging. I have a parade at one girl’s school Wednesday morning, and then I have to schlep to the other’s by 1:30pm. Things will be [...]

fuss flowers

I’ve been promising to capture a picture of Fuss doing her laundry without being asked. Yesterday I was cooking my birthday feast, and she came dragging her hamper in. Since I was preparing a new dish, I had my camera near by, so I snapped a couple of photos without [...]


Toddlers are so easily influenced. Sometimes that works in a parent’s favor, and sometimes it’s ends up like a scene from Nightmare on Elm Street. This past week, Fuss skipped her normal 9-12 preschool, and stayed home with me. My parenting-style and home instruction was able to completely transform her [...]

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