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Film Fridays: Mawiyah’s Dance Reel

One of my former students, Mawiyah Dowd, came to me requesting a dance reel for an agency that she is submitting her work to. I charged her a “love rate” and came up with this for her:

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Workin’ Wednesdays: Mooch Work

I’m really excited and tired, but mostly excited. Mooch has been bugging me to let her pursue an acting career since she was four years old. I’ve been stalling to protect my baby’s feelings, character and attitude. I don’t want the rejection to stunt her growth. I don’t want her to grow up too fast, and I definitely don’t want her back talking me like some wannabe diva.

After two years of demonstrating that she can handle it, and voicing that this is what *she* wants to do, I’ve decided to help. The thing is … that means more work for me — chauffeuring her to auditions, updating pictures, answering phone calls, doing even more hair! I love her, though. If this is what she wants to do, then I support her.

I’ll have to design on the go. It’s a good thing I finally found a laptop bag I wanted. Dates with Photoshop will be slipped in between photo shoots and gymnastics lessons. Choreographing will happen while she’s asleep, and logos will be designed in elementary school parking lots. I’ll get it done, though. I always do.

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Workin’ Wednesdays: Talib Kweli Read My Blog

Okay so I dance, and I teach, and I design, but I also write everyday and post a blog here for free — for the love of it. Even though I love it, it’s still work. Each night after I breastfeed one kid and put the other to bed, I use the last fingernail full of energy that I have to produce this blog. I struggle to think of a topic for the next day, I write it, I schedule it, and I stagger off to bed to bone my totally awesome husband.

One of the things that makes it worth while are the readers. That’s right. You. Even though I’m not boning you, you’re awesome. I love the feedback, the comments, the random people stalking me at the grocery store — all of it.

Well, last Thursday something even more awesome happened. I’m not usually the starstruck type. I was born and raised in LA, where we see Vivica Fox shopping at the 99 Cents Only Store, Halle Berry at Hot Wing Cafe and Marlon Wayans pumping his gas. This, however, hit me in a way that had me talking about it all week. Talib Kweli read my blog. That’s right. My favorite rapper read my blog. I feel like the backpack sporting fan whose hand was kissed at a concert. I fuckin’ love the internet. We live in the future, bitches! Get some.

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Marital Mondays: Things I’d Rather Do Than Watch the BET Awards

Apparently Hannibal and I missed the BET Awards yesterday. I’m okay with that. Now I don’t have to have the annual remorse that sets in after I watch it. From my twitter feeds I got the gist of it. Chris Brown cried, Taraji sounds like a drunk auntie, Busta wore a smedium jacket and Nikki What’s-her-face won best female hip-hop artist. That all sounds like enough to make me either go on the same BET boycott I went on after the “Tip Drill,” or stab myself in the eye with a spork. Even though Prince gave the most awesome side-eye to that horrible tribute, the fact that one can never get those three hours back is enough for me.

What I actually did during that time was organize the photos on my computer, rename nearly a hundred files, write a blog, plan this weeks meals and do some social networking. Hannibal played some dope new video game with a lot of guns. I’ll have more details on that once he secures me a login, so that I can play against him and kick his ass. *smirk*

So I made a list of things that I’d do before I watched the BET Awards.

1. Invite BP over for a steak dinner

2. Be sodomized with a camel’s leg

3. Let elves pee on my toes

4. Let Amy Winehouse eat me out

5. Drive on the 405 fwy

6. Kiss a troll

7. Flush my cell phone down the toilet

8. Go to the skating rink naked

9. Eat a pound of goldfish with gravy

10. Do the time step 80 times

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Thematic Thursdays: Best Kweli Lyrics of All Time

It’s no secret that Talib Kweli is my favorite emcee. I’m not really sure how it happened. I remember having headphones on in some store in the Beverly Center and bobbing my head really hard to the Black Star album for like an hour. I’d heard him before on a mixtape or Lyricist Lounge or something, but this was different.

Since I won’t be able to see him at the Conga Room tomorrow night because of the recital, and I didn’t see him here in concert a few weeks ago (because my baby was too young), I’ve decided to honor him with this list. In no particular order, you’ll find my favorite Talib Kweli lyrics. They either struck a nerve with me, I related to them or they were flat out dope. I’d love to hear your favs in the comments below.

1 “These cats drink champagne and toast to death and pain
Like slaves on a ship talking about who got the flyest chain”
Africa Dream

2. “Now get this, these emcees wanna test me like litmus, bear witness
My rhymes are like shot clocks, interstate cops, and blood clots
My point is, your flow gets stopped!”
Hater Players

3. “Coming from the deep black like the Loch Ness,
now bring apocalypse like the Heart of Darkness.”
We Got the Beat

4. “Be a doctor or a lawyer make your momma a promise that
You’ll finish school, but when you got a dream
you gotta follow that, And make sure when you make it out the hood, you always holler back. Think about what you got from that and always put your dollars back
On top of that, this is a legacy and we a part of that
The hood is where my heart is at”
Black Girl Pain

5. “Stop acting like a b*tch already, be a visionary”

6. “Places where you could get murdered over a glare, but everything is fair. It’s a paradox we call reality, so keeping it real will make you a casualty of abnormal normality”

7. “I black and blue emcees – actin new to me, get smacked stupidly
They lack skills, like the black community lack unity”
Guerilla Monsoon Rap (feat. Pharaoh Monch, Kanye, and Black Thought)

8. “Even when the condition is critical, when the liven’ is miserable
Your position is pivotal, I ain’t bullshittin’ you”
Get By

9. “Life without knowledge is death in disguise”
K.O.S. (Knowledge of Self)

10. “you like my reflection, better half to my whole
like lyrics to the beat, you the mate for my soul”

11. “I bet on brothers with nothing to live for
to give more to the struggle, they already at war”
Respiration (remix)

12. “Hard to be a spiritual being when shit is shakin what you believe in”


13. “Persistance, dedication
Consistent, motivation,
resistance to stagnation of information,
distribute it free to the entire population
No hesitation, makin it public
No privitazation from corporations”
Name of the Game

14. “Those who would trade in their freedom
For their protection deserve neither”
Going Hard

16. “Back in the day they stole our smile, so we clothe our teeth in gold.”
Manifesto (Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1)

17. “Life is a beautiful struggle
People search through the rubble for a suitable hussle
Some people using their noodle
Some people using their muscle
Some people put it all together make it fit like a puzzle”
I Try

18. “Spit bars you can’t touch, like tits in strip bars, get scarred, I drop hits to hit hard”
Waiting for the DJ

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