mma pose

MOOCH Michael Clay Thompson rocks! I’m not being paid to say this. I do not monetize this blog in that fashion. Honey, let me tell you, it is an amazing Language Arts curriculum and it’s a perfect fit for Mooch. I wouldn’t recommend it for the child who struggles with comprehension [...]

beaded stair

Things I did today: Had my heart checked with a Fisher Price stethoscope Helped Mooch set goals and organize her work Cooked imaginary Strawberry Soup Helped my Fuss sled in a laundry basket on the living room area rug Watched Fuss vacuum the living room rug Cheered while Mooch did [...]

Hello Kitty Mask

I thought this would be the easiest Halloween I’ve had since 2004, because Mooch wanted to be Spiderman, and we found her costume for twenty bucks at Target. Even when the little one said she wanted to be Hello Kitty, I still had no idea what was in store. I searched [...]

calendar wall

A couple of weeks ago, we pulled up at Speaker’s League and Mooch gasped, “I was supposed to write fifteen questions for today’s class!! I’m the Impromptu Master. If I don’t have any questions, no one will have anything to speak about.” Of course, I had remembered this all along, [...]

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