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A couple of Saturdays ago, I was asked to facilitate a meeting regarding community involvement at the William Grant Still Arts Center. Many West Adams/Mid-City residents showed up to answer the questions: How have you helped your community in the past? What are you doing now? What motivates you to [...]


I literally just went to Google and typed in the question, “What century are we in right now?” I’ve never failed history class, and my shower head didn’t turn into a Flintstone-esque elephant trunk during my mid-morning scrub either. It’s the incessant whining of those not in favor of the [...]

Boom! Fresh cuts, teal nail polish, auburn locs, rhinestone belts, stilettos and rhymes so sick your great grandkids’ kids need a neurosurgeon. If you missed Jimetta Rose, Nikki Blak, Tamara Blue, Judy Holiday, and Simply Kat at Brass Knuckles this past Monday, you might as well feel horrible and have [...]


My friend, JaNai, visited from DC last week, and it seems that Fuss took an even deeper interest in social justice and politics. On a trip to Barnes & Nobles, she became enthralled with Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s book, Renegade for Peace and Justice. She also fled the the children’s section [...]

If you get off crack, you never know what YouTube might do for you. Millions of viewers clicked on the video for Ted Williams, the “homeless man with the golden voice.” Subsequently, more than he could have ever dreamed came true. His mother lived long enough to see him rebound, [...]

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