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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: New Home & Hundred Board (Photo Blog)

Mooch wanted to show her favorite areas in the house this week as a video, but we didn’t have time to tape and edit it, because she’s been doing so much other stuff. We opted, instead, to take pictures near her favorite areas. Here they are!

Mooch likes the family rules posted to the right and the pictures on the left.

Only Mooch would visit Build-a-Bear and build a FROG! His name is Ribbit Sob. Oh, and this is her bed.

Mooch loves her iMac!

If you know her, then you know the boxes are filled with books also, and she's read every single one of them! Currently reading a sci-fi book called, Starters.

Giving dialogue to her East African Barbie

There are cars, robots, dolls, and more in cubby central.

This is Mooch in her dress up area. Dramatic play is still her favorite at eight years old.

Mooch picks an accessory for her hair almost everyday, but some days she opts to go without.

This is Mooch on the Buddha Board.

Fuss will be spending all this week in drop-in daycare, because Mooch is shooting. When she returns to homeschool next week, I will have set up her grammar farm. I purchased the Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Barn a while back, but I needed to create the card labels that go with each item, and I also wanted to give my self time to purchase the Montessori grammar symbols. The time has been good, because it has given her an opportunity to learn her letter sounds even better.

Last week, Fuss completed the hundred board up to twenty on her own. I figure she remembered the order of the numbers from calendar time and a couple of other activities. I was excited, as I only foresaw her finishing up to ten. Here are a few pictures:


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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Staying Active

Mooch was tired of feeling left out at school, so I told her that perhaps secluding herself in the library studying Greek Mythology had something to do with it. I offered that maybe she should give soccer a shot just once, and that if she made a mistake on the field, she would learn from it. She stated that she didn’t like soccer, because she wasn’t good at it, and that she wasn’t going to try this option.

Last week, I was helping with the auction project for her class, and Fuss wandered out of the project room. When I noticed her gone, I searched the field for her, and who did I spot playing soccer with a huge smile on her face? Mooch. I didn’t bother her. I just watched her play from the window. When I asked her how her day was today, she told me all about her newfound love for the sport. I pretended to be shocked. *chuckle* She said, “I’ve been playing for a week now, Mom.”


I updated Mooch’s website the other night with new videos of recent work, etc. I also designed new typography for her, but I’m still going to redesign her whole site all together. I just need a free moment to do that. Right.

Fuss has finished her dinosaur unit, and I hardly captured any of it on camera. The documenting seems to go well when we’re outside, but it’s distracting to her in the classroom. Anyway, she cut between pterodactyls on strips of paper, played matching games, experienced a dino sensory tub, acted like a dinosaur, and learned the names of several throughout the process.

She’s been taking a little dance class with me, which has allowed her to express her rhythmic ability and get out some of that energy. In the summer, I will revisit gymnastics, and see if she is a little more focused. She walks on brick walls, does little spins, and loves to swing extra high at the park, so she’ll enjoy every second of it once she can stick with the group and not be married to the trampoline.

For more about homeschooling Fuss, please click here: Teaching Fuss.

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Thematic Thursdays: The FAQs Are These

So, I was supposed to write a blog about this whole Too Short drama last night, but instead of devoting my time to a self-serving nut job, I typed a long Facebook response message to a friend. She was interested in what I’m doing with Fuss in homeschool, so that she can implement those things with her son.

I spent my writing time detailing Fuss’ current daily rhythm, and answering a slew of questions about her son’s development. I won’t put all of her child’s business in the streets, because that is irrelevant. What I will note is that her message was one of MANY emails, chats, text messages, etc. regarding what’s happening with my kids.

WAHMs (Work at Home Moms) have to stick together, because where one of us has a lot of tools the other may be lacking and vice versa. It is through sharing that our kids really benefit, and shoot this woman has cute sons. My daughters may want husbands some day. 😉

I decided to add a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section to this blog, which you’ll now find in the navigation bar at the top. Does this mean you have to stop emailing me and messaging me? Absolutely not!! I enjoy our interactions immensely. This is just a place where you can go to obtain some of my tips, tricks, links, and trinkets for use with your little one.

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Tuesdays With Mooch: Just Witchin’ Around

Mooch is really thriving each morning with the command center. We’re still working on the evenings, because she talks a lot and she eats slowly. Her lunch often isn’t made until the morning, which isn’t the plan. Hey, at least she’s showering.

Her classes at William Grant Still Center begin this week, so we’re excited about that. She’ll be doing keyboard, voice, Shakespeare in the City, and art. It’s only a nine week program, but if she likes any of them enough, we’ll continue them at a paid program, I guess. This is just a free sampling.

She’s also finding new hobbies during her punishment — like face painting.  I walked out to this last Sunday:

Fuss’ classroom closet just got an overhaul. It looks great! My hallway doesn’t, though. :-/ I’m throwing/giving a lot of things that are developmentally inappropriate away since I’m not spawning anymore young ones. I further organized all of the supplies and left tons of room for new stuff, so it doesn’t get too jam packed.

The pouring activity finally returned to the shelves this week, so she was thrilled about that. She was so excited that she accidentally spilled lentils all over the place. She cleaned them up. I moved the alphabetized small objects out of the closet and into the classroom and told her that now that she knows all of her letters, she can pull a couple of sandpaper letters down and carry the corresponding drawers to her mat. She likes having that access.

Also on our shelves: the number five with manipulative, a geometric puzzle, the pink tower, cutting with scissors (she won’t let that one go :)), one-to-one correspondence, and a couple of animal puzzles. Oh, I changed our calendar area a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a picture of that. I may return to the felt, though, because it was easier for *her* to put the dates up all by herself.

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Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Animals and Giving

Fuss is moving into a student inspired theme on the Animal Kingdom. She’s obsessed with horses and Adamu is obsessed with birds and dogs. The shelves and sensory tub will reflect that. Here is a pic of the sensory tub so far. I’m working on a doll for Kwanzaa for each girl, so after this Wednesday there will be a pause in blogging until the beginning of the year. When the children nap, I usually blog, so that time will become my doll making time.

Fuss is working on the letters, “l, i, and g,” in the classroom now, so “n,p, and c” have rotated to her backpack as road activities. She still revisits the previous letters from time to time as well. It is interesting to watch her make connections in the world around her — spotting triangles in “Yield” signs and various letters on billboards. I’m impressed.

Mooch is preparing for her school’s annual handmade holiday gift exchange. She selected a secret girl from a hat, and our family will create something special for her. We are also gearing up for our annual holiday community service acts — gifts for the children at the Police Activity League, food for the homeless, and a visit to a battered women’s shelter, where I used to teach. Mooch loves this season as do most kids. It promises a time with family and friends. Oh, and lots of food. 🙂

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