Hundred 4

Mooch wanted to show her favorite areas in the house this week as a video, but we didn’t have time to tape and edit it, because she’s been doing so much other stuff. We opted, instead, to take pictures near her favorite areas. Here they are! Fuss will be spending [...]

pouring water

Mooch was tired of feeling left out at school, so I told her that perhaps secluding herself in the library studying Greek Mythology had something to do with it. I offered that maybe she should give soccer a shot just once, and that if she made a mistake on the [...]

So, I was supposed to write a blog about this whole Too Short drama last night, but instead of devoting my time to a self-serving nut job, I typed a long Facebook response message to a friend. She was interested in what I’m doing with Fuss in homeschool, so that [...]


Mooch is really thriving each morning with the command center. We’re still working on the evenings, because she talks a lot and she eats slowly. Her lunch often isn’t made until the morning, which isn’t the plan. Hey, at least she’s showering. Her classes at William Grant Still Center begin [...]


Fuss is moving into a student inspired theme on the Animal Kingdom. She’s obsessed with horses and Adamu is obsessed with birds and dogs. The shelves and sensory tub will reflect that. Here is a pic of the sensory tub so far. I’m working on a doll for Kwanzaa for [...]

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