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Every year, I put together this ridiculous list of stuff that I’d like for my birthday, because, hey, you never know. Maybe I have a billionaire fan out there somewhere. My birthday is next Tuesday, October 15th, and I’ll be traveling to the bay area to spend time with some [...]

Mooch Logging On

You haven’t seen a Thematic Thursdays in a long time, so you know this post must be important. Don’t worry! I’m not going to ask you to loan me your pig. I was at dinner with a friend, when the conversation shifted to world travels. She was appalled when she [...]

I ask Hannibal this at least once per week. We check in. This week I emailed it to him, and his response is pasted below. I think I’ll email the question more often. *blush* Short answer: yes. Long answer: There are joys with you that cannot be replicated, cannot be [...]


I knew sperm could pop and lock — breakdance, even — but do calculus? This is some all new shit even for Myshell Tabu. Men love to boast about all of the tricks they can do in the bed, but nothing turns me on like the idea of duck butter [...]

teen cell

… are just two of the cool things I found on the web this week. I have always loved the idea of lining a bookshelf with wallpaper. It adds a little extra pizazz. These pantry labels are soooo cute! I think I’ll design some of my own. I’m not [...]

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