beaded stair

Things I did today: Had my heart checked with a Fisher Price stethoscope Helped Mooch set goals and organize her work Cooked imaginary Strawberry Soup Helped my Fuss sled in a laundry basket on the living room area rug Watched Fuss vacuum the living room rug Cheered while Mooch did [...]

calendar wall

A couple of weeks ago, we pulled up at Speaker’s League and Mooch gasped, “I was supposed to write fifteen questions for today’s class!! I’m the Impromptu Master. If I don’t have any questions, no one will have anything to speak about.” Of course, I had remembered this all along, [...]

Mooch on a string

A man with a strap sent my baby across the jungle. I’m pretty sure my heart went with her. By the third time, her feet brushing against the tree tops didn’t bother me as much. I stood on the small brown milk crate, and waited for the operator, Juan, to [...]


Warning: This is gonna be one of those loaded with photos and information kinda blog posts. Ya’ll know how I get in the fall/winter. Fuss got one of her natal teeth pulled last week (she was born with two teeth), and she did well! We totally forgot to do the [...]

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