Okay, so this video is from like a couple of weeks ago. Mooch and her buddies had a little roda at Olvera street. Side note: One of the vendors there, Mama’s Hot Tamales, had the best black bean tamales ever! No lard, no foolishness — just beans! I ate two [...]

Fuss is Beyonce’s biggest fan. Here is a video summary of her summer. Mooch went camping this weekend and wants to tell you all about it.

Fuss Escapes

FUSS If you sneeze, Fuss will say, “Bless you.” If you hand her something, she responds by saying, “Thank you.” It’s “More please” when she’s ready for the next bite and “You’re welcome” when she’s been generous. My little one has manners! Fuss is truly taking in the world around [...]

Once she fully woke up from her Sunday nap, Fuss was excited to meet her grandmother for the first time. She’s visiting from Milwaukee this week and even brought along Hannibal’s brother Chazz. We videotaped her saying “uncle” since she repeated it for nearly fifteen minutes. After eating Chinese take [...]

Kwanzaa – Day 1 – Video

icon-calendarDate: December 27, 2010

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