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Workin’ Wednesdays: Pro Bono

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Workin’ Wednesdays: Chris Sacca

This is who I’m studying right now for “work” purposes.  He was 2 million dollars in debt and turned his life around.  He’s wrong more often than he’s right, but when he’s right (investing in companies like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Kickstarter), he makes millions.  He’s a venture capitalist.

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Workin’ Wednesdays: Lil’ Wayne and the Tax Man

I’m working on *another* funeral program. I’m becoming a go to person for that, so that’s good, but it’s also sad, because well … someone had to die.  In happier news, I’m designing the logo for Lil’ Wayne’s drummer, Keenan G. Ephriam. That should be fun! I was even able to link him with the best publicist on the planet — Sasha at Helio PR.

Manager-wise, I’m prepping Mooch’s taxes and doing bank reconciliations for her. I have to get thirty more of her headshots to her agent (15 theatrical and 15 commercial). Her resume is updated, but I really need to update her website and mine. I added an page about each of the family members under the “About” section, but things need revising and such (especially Hannibal’s page).

I’m working it out. It’s a lot! Especially since I’ve been going to bed between 9 and 10pm every night. That doesn’t leave much time in the day, but I’m well rested, though. 🙂

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Workin’ Wednesdays: Nothing Fancy Here Today Folks

This has been a week of paperwork, paper cuts, and douche-baggery.

I had to fill out a mountain of paperwork and sell my spleen, because Mooch is SAG and that means a million puppies would die if I didn’t get her into the union by today. That last bit of hyperbole should be interpreted as such: The Toyota commercial was the final straw. SAG said she better join … or else.

Then yesterday all of our tax info finally came, so I had to organize everything in preparation to file. This has to be rushed to meet Mooch’s financial aid requirements. I am ragged from paper work.

I’m also building one client’s site from the ground up and designing other random items in the interim. I’m tired, but our bills are paid, the hard work is paying off, and Mooch is in the union! Yay!

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Workin’ Wednesdays: Command Center

I’m designing a website right now for Renaissance Mujer, so there’s not much to show just yet. I’m also reorganizing my office space to incorporate my new crafting addictions (Yes, there are multiple ones). I must sign up for a sewing class, though. Seriously.

Lately, I feel like my main job is chauffeur. I can end up with a Santa Monica to Studio City route without even blinking some days. Mooch just booked a Toyota commercial, and that shoots Thursday, so we’ll see where that takes me. Oh, and I’ll have to put on my “Stage Mom” hat that day (read: sit in the trailer with a nice good book).

At home, I’m working on my Command Center. Mooch and I came up with morning and afternoon schedules for everyone in the house. Now I’m working on kitchen inventory, mailboxes for each family member and other sections. Once we’ve compiled and designed everything, it will go on the kitchen wall. Here are some of my inspiration photos:




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