RES Turtle

Hannibal enters. H: What’s everyone laughing about? Mooch: Myshell is naked on your ladder entering the attic. H: Myshell, what are you doing. M: I’m checking it out. I just want to see. H: Wait, did she just call you Myshell? M: Yep. H: What’s that about? M: It’s my [...]


Whoa! There’s so much to catch you up on. Let’s see. Mooch and I participated in the Itty Bitty Art Sale at her school, where people submit tiny works of art on postcards to be sold anonymously at the Itty Bitty Art event. The artist’s name and message are on [...]


Today is Black Love Day. No, I’m not making that up. Another woman did. It is a day to focus on love and unity in the family and the community — not to buy Hallmark cards and candy (no offense if that’s your thing). Hannibal is off today. Don’t freak [...]

My baby's cute new training panties

MOOCH It felt a little strange to watch Mooch sing with a banner behind her that read, “Grandparents and Special Friends Day” in large blue letters. Even though my mom was there in spirit, I missed glancing over at her proud smile as Mooch pretended to be a weather reporter [...]

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