H: Don’t make that face. M: I got it from my mom. She used to make it to mock people when they were saying something she was tired of hearing or didn’t want to hear. H: Give it back. M: I can’t. She’s dead. H: Try just leaving it there. [...]

I started watching Scandal, starring Kerry Washington, this weekend. I haven’t watched any TV (other than an occasional Raising Hope or Community) since Alphas went off. Scandal is great. The only problem was watching it on Hulu, where they played a million ProFlowers Mother’s Day ads. I don’t think about [...]

Day of the Dead

M: Totally not dressing up for Halloween this year. H: So our family’s dream of finally forming vehicle Voltron won’t happen this year? M: Huh? I think I’m going to do a Dia de Los Muertos thing. H: I don’t even know what that means. M: You know, flowers in [...]


Your desire to “whip your hair back and forth” … could be causing more damage than your yaki-covered brain is aware of.

Until I read a friend’s status update Wednesday, which suggested that we post a picture of our mothers as our profile picture on Facebook, I didn’t realize Mother’s Day was right around the corner. “But … I haven’t felt my annual gloom or lit the candles for my self-pity party” [...]

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